iPhone WiFi Doesn’t work after going to standby?

Started having this problem few days ago where iPhone wifi tends to fail so frequently even when wifi signal strength is full, almost all requests fail. Restarting, or forgetting network didn’t help either.

If you’re having this problem the solution that seemed to work with me is the one suggested by clonergan here, which is in short to use static IP address by going to Settings -> Wifi Networks -> Click blue arrow near your desired network, click Static tab and enter your static network info.

Tip: You can use the same network details from the DHCP tab, just use a different IP if you suspect there is duplicate IP in use on the network.

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  • http://www.havenx.com/ Haven

    Thanks… A friend of mine if I’m not mistaken has the same problem and started to babbling around and telling me stuffs that I don’t know maybe this will work for her I’ll try to refer this page and hope this will work It’s been a week now and still her WiFi isn’t working..

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