OpenSignalMaps Tells Tower Location and Signal Strengths

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Open Signal Maps is a free service that relies on data sent from Android mobile apps installed on users welling to contribute a little data back, to help map all the world cell towers and signal strength, so that you no are no longer under vague promises or in need of answers by the telecom companies. You can tell which companies cover which areas, and with the latest patent granted to Apple allowing networks providers bidding for network service, that could indeed be very helpful, and pushes network operators to be more serious about the quality of service provided.

An iPhone version of the Open Signal Maps app is in the work as well. My bet is they opted for Android first to avoid the App Store policy and complications.

What struck me is that new as it is, the site already has light coverage data in Kuwait.

Kuwait Tower Locations

Kuwait Signal Strength

Luckily Android, with the release of Galaxy S, is not just for geeks in Kuwait now, and I ask everyone to have this app, which will give you coverage info, and contribute little back to populate Kuwait map.

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