Qualitynet Weekly Cap Is A Myth?

I hope everyone who reads this knows already about the newly enforced and contract violating cap on our internet bandwidth. Now I’ve been too lazy to update my blog, but I haven’t been sleeping on the matter otherwise trust me on that one. And while we keep losing every day our valuable bandwidth, I thought I’d save what I can save till we win this case against the Kuwaiti ISPs (#q8cap is the official tag to follow btw). So I went and changed my Qualitynet cap to weekly two days ago. You just sign a form, and I did it at Zahra Co-Op after I read another tweeter doing it. The Qualitynet guy assured me it’s working.


OK, so I log in to QStore and I see it shows my cap still as daily. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Next day it’s still daily, and I lost yesterday unconsumed bandwidth apparently. OK! Maybe it starts next day and then accumulates. And since I couldn’t get any answer from Qualitynet support, waiting was the best I can do. This morning, same thing! I lost two days of bandwidth now. So I called, and got connected quickly. Apparently my call is important to them. Below is more or less how the conversation went, as it was long and I got put on hold 4-5 times!


Me: Hi. I signed for weekly cap two days ago and I still don’t see any change.

Him: Wait… Well I can see you have zero usage today, go ahead and use it.

Me: Well I want to know my weekly limit.

Him: System is under going update, it won’t work now. Only daily limits are applied

Me: OK… how long? By tomorrow?

Him: Not sure. Try again in 4-5 days

(Hmm… some planning they have!)

Me: And meanwhile I lose my daily bandwidth?

Him: No you can use it!

Me: What if I don’t, and next day I need 6 GB. How do I do that? You’re the one who put the bandwidth, and now you tell me I can’t save it for next day?

Him: Hang on…


Him: There is no weekly right now, just daily or monthly.

Me: What? I just signed a form. What kind of missed up company is this? When did it change?

Him: This is what we have. What do you want?

Me: I want weekly. I just signed up for it. When did it change? The guy told me it’s working already.

Him: There is no weekly.

Me: Then why is it available as option in the form?

Him: Who told you? Where?

Me: At Zahra Co-Op

Him: OK if he told you it’s working then it is.

Me: WAIT WAIT WAIT… I’m not here to listen to words. I need to see it. How do I know it is working?

Him: Well you have zero usage today. Go ahead and use it. You can see it for today.

Me: OK, I need it for the week. What if I hit the cap?

Him: Hang on…


Him: Sorry to keep you waiting. You’re on the daily plan

Me: Huh? What the hell did I sign then?

Him: OK. I will open a ticket?

(As if the ticket is something generous)


There was at least couple more waiting on the line, I just can’t recall the conversation fully. But to sum up, Qualitynet enforced illegal cap on us, offered daily, weekly, and monthly. I applied for weekly as best resort for now, but Qualitynet does not have the capacity to implement that weekly cap. And the support guy kept contradicting first saying only daily is working, then daily and monthly are available, then weekly is working for you, then no, you’re on daily. Some trust I’m building for this company.


I’m wondering if the whole purpose of the form is just to get me sign on some form of cap. I thought it about it before, but if it is, it won’t stand as a support for them, I only did it as best available option till we get this miss cleared up. It didn’t say I agree to a cap, just that I chose one, since one is already enforced anyways.


Has anyone else got his weekly/monthly cap working? Can you see the chart?


UPDATE: So I got a call back telling me the weekly cap is not in effect yet, and he’s not sure when it might be working, only daily and monthly now. I asked how come you let me sign a form for something you don’t have. He promised to get back to me. Few minutes later, he did and told me to restart my router and the weekly cap will take effect. It did, so I’m now on the weekly cap.


Clearly there is not enough education nor preparation about the different caps. Now why did I have to go to the branch? It should be doable over the phone, since they have right to change whatever they want in the contract as they claim. Beside that waste of time, I wasted another 15 minutes, and if I have not argued hard about it, I would not have gotten it.


UPDATE 2 (24-6-2011): Qualitynet never fails to get lower. One day after I got the weekly cap working I had to restart my router. Next day I find out the cap is back to daily. I call again, waste few minutes of my time to explain the problem, and demand it get back to weekly, and get compensated for the wasted bandwidth. The guy opened a ticket at noon. Now it’s 1 AM next day. Did they call or fix it? No.



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  • mbh

    Go to the co op & take a copy of the form you signed.

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    mbh: Yeah, I asked him he didn’t have copier machine! I suppose by now it’s at Qnet head quarter.

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    should’ve taken snapshot

  • http://www.zdistrict.com Marzouq

    This is complete BULLSHIT!

    I want to go on a screaming bend with these bastards and rip them a new one! They seriously piss me off!

    Its illegal and I’m no agreeing to anything! These Caps are bullshit!


  • esz

    Please try to find a copy of this agreement. It will really help the guys at http://q8cap.wordpress.com

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    esz: It really had nothing but your data (name, id etc), your preferred cap, and then just general single statement about how rules apply. There was nothing on the back or anything.

    I will see about it nevertheless

  • Talal

    yeah dude your better off sticking to the daily plan I did some math (posted on G+) between (Daily/Monthly)since they haven’t listed weekly on their site, which basically shows that you loose a given amount of allocation if you take the monthly. ex 1Mbps gives you a limit of 1.7GB per day or 40GB per month.
    But 1.7GB per day is actually 51GB over 30 days!!!! WTF?

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH


    Because the thieves calculate the month as 24 days not 30.

  • Talal

    Oohhh I see,,,

    So I’m not supposed to use the internet on the weekends!???? :/

  • Dr. Leos

    I’d would say that the unacceptable behavior as described has the only cause: Atmosphere in the company. As for my Q8 experience, it is a common feature. It the spirit of serving customers is missing, then nothing can work properly for subscribers… When I used to lecture ISP staff on regular basis, I told them every times: “Remember, that not a company but customers pay your salaries!” … :)

  • Dr. Leos

    Unfortunately, the similar bad behavior we face from the all local ISP’s. I experienced leaving each of them due to poor service. But what to do then? To establish a new one? :(

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