3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Mada

Mada is that new company that emerged and rose to fame during last year’s bandwidth cap, promising to be the only cap-free company. I never bought these promises, and knew they were just using the situation to their advantage. Nevertheless my parents weren’t so happy with VIVA, and their land lines are old and can’t tolerate high DSL bandwidth, I thought Mada SOHO just can’t be worse. Boy was I wrong.

My first impressions dealing with the company weren’t so high, as their sales seemed confused how to process my purchase order. Something which they should be fairly trivial. But that’s not a reason not to try a company. It’s only an indication. Strong one I should add though.

Below is the progress of my suffering and struggle with Mada, detailing the 3 reasons why you should not try and use Mada.


1- Service Quality:  

I’ve heard that story over and over now. Service works fine for first week or two, and after the trial period is over, it goes down to hell. For me, it worked a bit longer than that, making between 3-4 Mbps, and even when it got affected, it was still better than VIVA. So I purchased the annual subscription, and with it unleashed a curse on my family.

First, their WIFI coverage was too weak to cover just a single floor, that I had to buy an AirLive router to strengthen the signal. But that didn’t hold things standing for long, for soon, the service of Mada itself began to tumble to the ground. After I used to get full strength signal (they have a 3 signal indicator for strength), I was now only getting 1-2 of the 3 signals. Moving the router around didn’t do any good, and with that started the next chapter of the story.


2- Customer Service:

After my family complained of the slow internet, which was now worse than VIVA, giving around 1.5 Mbps in good times, while Mada promises minimum of 2 Mbps. I made my first complain over the phone sometime during first quarter of 2012. The guy over the phone did the regular speed test, acknowledged the speed problem, and said he will work on it. Few months passed, and I didn’t hear back. I thought the problem might have been resolved since my family didn’t complain again. But apparently it didn’t, and they just didn’t want to pressure me. In May they told me again the service is still as bad if not even worse. So I called again on Friday May 25th, asking about my ticket. The guy on the phone tells me I have no open ticket. What? I was surprised and furious, not knowing back then that this is the norm at Mada to ignore customer calls rather than single incident. All my questions about my previous call was met with complete ignorance it ever existed. There is not even a call record of it, let alone an open ticket. What kind of CRM are they using I wonder. So anyways, we had to redo the testing once more. Again, speed problem acknowledged. He put me on hold for a short while, and then I heard a whistle and someone saying in Arabic “And he complains about speed”!. When he came back I challenged why the sarcastic tone he had. He tried to dodge my comment, so I asked again furiously 

Me: “Why are you mocking my complain?” 

CS (Customer Support):  It wasn’t me it was someone else beside me taking another call.

Me: So you normally mock your customers when they have problems?

CS: It’s another employee not me.


I had no proof it was him of course, though I’m wondering what’s the point of recording the voice conversation if we will hear third party voices and can’t dispute who it was. It should be me and him only. I tweeted about this publicly and Mada replied asking for details. I gave them my number and time of call, but they replied this is not enough and they must get the CS name. What happened to the call log then? The worst part was that the CS then went on and replied with response that could go along with the mocking remarks, saying the reason I’m getting slow connection was because I have 12 devices connected. It was family gathering, so several iPads and iPhones laying around. Though no one at my family’s house does any torrent download, and there wasn’t any heavy usage. I argued that this is not an excuse, and since it’s a family router, of course I will be connecting several devices. That shouldn’t affect the speed to that extent. I have similar number at my house, and I can still get the maximum speed promised by Qualitynet when doing speed tests very often. He insisted on doing a test to disconnect all but one device. So we did, and the speed using only my iPhone did barely touch the 2 Mbps. Barely, when it should be minimum. It also showed how bad their router is in supporting multiple devices. Mind you as I later checked Mada FAQ online, they state it very clearly that they can support up to 20 connected devices, and that this will affect the speed will be affected, but only very minimally. Clearly an overstatement. 





I told him this is a family router and absolutely unacceptable, as normally every person now holds a smart phone and half owns iPads as well, beside the laptops. I asked him to open a ticket for the matter. He said he will open it, but I will have to call on Sunday to ask for Engineer visit. One has to wonder why? He said this is how it works. So the ticket seems useless already. OK, no problem. If it will get the problem solved, I will live through the silly system they have.  

I called Sunday around noon and logged my request for engineer visit. Mada promises engineer visit within 48 hours if you have a problem. So they immediately took it to the extreme and said Tuesday. OK, no issues. Tuesday at noon I called, they said I’m in the queue and the engineers have lots of calls to attend to. Another way of saying “we’re heavily under resourced”. Called again at around 5 PM. Same answer. At about 8:45 PM I called again, knowing this engineer visit is not happening today. But never did I expect the CS on the line to tell me:

CS: Who told you there is an engineer coming to visit?

Me: Excuse me? I was promised an engineer since Friday, told it will be on Tuesday, called twice today and told he’s on the way. Now you simply tell me there is no engineer coming at all! 


I kept arguing and explaining how no one seems to care, and until now, for months, I have not received a single follow up call from anyone at Mada. He promised he’d call back. He hung up, and called back few minutes later. Why did he have to hang up I’m not sure. All I know is he called, and then put me on hold for 10 minutes while he was talking to the IT department. Is this how companies do it today? I hung up and then he called few minutes later. I asked why did he put me on hold rather than call when he has an update, and he was apologetic. OK, let’s move on. It was already getting late. He said he wants to do testing again and try to change few things remotely. Why the hell didn’t you do that in the first place? Few tests didn’t show much sign of improvement, so I decided to try again another day as it was getting late. below is a snapshot of all the calls I had to make on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday to follow up. As you see there are only two incoming calls, and a total of about 60 minutes wasted on the phone.


During the next few days, weeks, and even months, I made several calls. The conversation would usually go something like this. 

Me: I’d like to follow up on open ticket I have

CS: OK. They’re still working on it.

Me: Still? It’s been a month (or a week, or  2 months depending on date of call). What are they doing exactly?

CS: I don’t know. We sent them an email and waiting for them. They will surely respond.

Me: Doesn’t sound so to me. It’s been a whole month and they’re still working on it?

CS: Yes!

Me: OK let me speak to the IT.

CS: You can’t

Me: OK so you speak to them.

CS: I can’t also. I forward the message and they work on it.

Me: Well obviously they’re not. I want to raise the issue to the customer care manager. I want to talk to him.

CS: OK, I will send email to customer care manager. But you can’t speak to him directly.


So IT won’t resolve my problem. I cannot talk to them. Customer Care can’t talk to them, and all my requests to speak to customer care manager were denied. If I was meeting the minister it would’ve been easier. 


3- Security:

The ticket remained open and with no update for months, until Friday, 24th August, my brother told me he couldn’t connect to Mada Router at all right now, and the network doesn’t even show up. I opened my wifi connections and saw our network has disappeared, and a new one was showing up. The name of SSID however was an offense to the royal family (of course I can’t share it). I shut down the router and as expected, the network disappeared from the list. Switch it back on, and the offensive SSID came right back up. Really? As if Mada wasn’t bad enough already? So I disconnected all devices, and called Mada at about 2 PM, first, and for the joy of it, asking about my 3 months old ticket. Nothing! My continuous grilling was met with ignorant answers as usual, asking me to redo the test (again). I went on to the real reason of my call then.

Me: Well here is the real problem. My router has been hacked remotely, and someone changed the SSID to …

CS: to “…” (finishing my sentence)

Me: YES!

CS: You’re the second one.

Me: Great. So on top of your slow service, lack of support, your routers are also insecure!

CS: No this is not related to security. 

Let me repeat that once more, because I’m sure you’re trying to understand it as I was. Mada Customer Support commented on the SSID hack that “it’s not security related matter”. He literally said that. I went over the roof telling him how could this be anything but a security problem! And luckily, Mada were the last people to access and reconfigure the router, so they only have themselves to blame. And no, it was not the default password. The CS said he’ll call back. He shortly did, telling me to keep it on as he fixes it. OK. Now you’re working?

It passed 7 PM and I still haven’t heard a thing, and the whole house is without internet. I called them and asked about the ticket. The CS guy was talking weird until I realized he is talking about my May speed problem. I told him that’s a different problem you never solved, and I’m asking about the hack to my router. 

CS: I don’t see any ticket

Me: What? So the guy just left me waiting and did nothing! How can your support be so careless? Where is the ticket? Obviously no one was doing anything since 2 PM!

CS: Did you have the default password?

Me: No.

CS: Then how can someone hack into the router remotely? It can’t possibly happen. 

OMG he did not just say this. Only, he really did! 

Me: WHAT? It’s a hack to your unsecured router! Would I be calling if it wasn’t hacked? Do you think this is a game?\

CS: No I’m not saying that. Give me the IP to access the router. 

I’ve already given them the IP then dozen times perhaps. I told him to fetch it himself, and then told him to just forget it as it’s not worth my time, and their support is useless, promising to visit HQ and ask for refund.



Mada Head Quarter: 

Asking around, I managed to find the hidden Mada head quarter which they don’t announce on their website for some reason. They recently moved head quarter to a new location, so it’s supposedly the bigger one. I don’t want to imagine what the older one was like, but the moment you step a foot in the company, you understand where all the turmoil is coming from. A small tiny corridor with 7 customers waiting in front of the receptionist, with a tiny room behind where two tech support are working on returned routers from angry customers. There is an even smaller room with two small sofas they call waiting room. It can’t hold maybe 4 people. There were men and women inside the small corridor, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they don’t even have numbers! You give your router or whatever you have, and just wait hoping you are being served in turn, without a clue how much longer you have to wait. 

I told them I need to meet the customer care manage, and that my problem is 3 months old and I can’t wait longer. They asked if I had brought the router, but of course I haven’t, since no one asked me to. They were surprised that no one have ever suggested to bring the router for inspection. I told him this is another proof your guys don’t know what they’re doing. Too late now.

I waited for over half an hour in this tiny hot corridor, seeing how customer after customer gets frustrated, and complains about the service. Everything is in the open, in front of everybody else. I was losing patience and the lady at the desk noticed it. I told them to get him soon or get anyone else, otherwise I will have to go in on my own. They told me he was informed but he still didn’t come. Soon a guy, called Hussain Bhatti, came to me outside, and when I started telling the story, he thought it’s simply a guy asking for too much. Things didn’t start well between us, as I wasn’t ready for any excuse after what I have been through. He soon took me to his office and tried to calm things down. I was shocked to hear he was the HR manager, and only meeting me because no one else will. Where is the customer care manager from all this? Anyways, he went on to explain the technical aspects of the service and how the neighboring users can affect my usage. Ofcourse I already knew most of what he said, having worked in Wataniya for 3 years. I went on then to explain how the service wasn’t just slightly affected but tumbled badly to 1.5 Mbps or lower, how the promised engineer never came, how my ticket was ignored for 3 months, and then how the router was hacked. He didn’t fully understand until I showed him the snapshot of the SSID. He gave me his business card and asked me to forward the ticket email I had 3 months ago detailing all I went through, promising to send it across to the concerned people. I thanked him, and told him I wish we can reach a WIN/WIN solution, and keep me as possible customer shall things improve in the future, rather than have to revert to legal channels. He assured me that shouldn’t be the case as Mada regularly refunds customer money if they fail to provide the service. He’s about to learn that’s not so true I’m afraid. Below is the email I sent Mr. Hussain. (I noted later I got his name wrong in the email).

From: Bashar Abdullah

Date: August 27, 2012

To: Hussain Bhatti


Dear Mr. Sameer,

Thank you for taking the time to meet me yesterday. Please allow me to sum up my experience and current problems in writing for your kind reference and action. I have attached the call logs I have kept, which are only part of the calls I have made over the months.

When I subscribed to Mada last year for my family, and during the test period, we were getting 3-4 Mbps, and full strength signal on the router. That was good in itself, but the Wifi coverage of the router wasn’t strong enough to cover a single floor. I went on and bought AirLive router to strengthen the signal. One time cost for good internet connection is not really an issue, but it is an added cost to get the decent service.

Service went on fine for few months, until sometime in the beginning of this year, the service started to slow down dramatically, and we were only getting 1-2 signals out of three on the router. I called Mada support, explained the problem, did all the testing, showed we were getting 1-1.5 Mbps only at most, and the guy on the phone said they will look at it, hung up, and I never heard back from anyone again. Few months later, at end of May my family kept assuring me the service hasn’t improved and is getting unbearable. I did another test and obviously nothing has improved at all. I called customer care asking about my ticket, but there wasn’t any! So my initial call few months back was completely ignored. I explained I had called few months back and nothing was done. Ofcourse all he could offer is to start all over again, since the first guy taking the call did not leave any trace of the complain. We did all the tests, and he said it’s Friday he can only open a ticket, but I will need to call again on Sunday to request engineer visit. I find it odd and useless to open a ticket if I will need to call again in two days to remind them I’m expecting someone to come for assistance.

I called on Sunday requesting engineer visit, and the lady on the phone told me the engineer will come on Tuesday. Tuesday I called at 2 PM, as you can see from the attached call log, and I was told engineers have many requests and are working on their schedule. Called again at close to 5 PM, and again nothing. No engineer coming or any sign that he will. When I called again at 8:45 PM, I was shocked when the customer care told me in amusement “there isn’t any engineer visit. Who told you an engineer is going to visit you?” Seriously, this is beyond any reasonable explanation. I told him how I have been calling since Friday for a solution, was promised an engineer visit, and now on Tuesday I find out there is no engineer visit, and nothing is being done at all regarding my problem. Also, note from the call log, I still did not receive a single follow up call from any made representative, so the 5 days old ticket is useless. When I told him no one even tried to follow up, he said he will, and he did call back few minutes later, put me on hold for like 10 minutes to talk to IT. Why would I need to be put on hold for 10 minutes while he talks to his IT guys? That’s 400 fils and 10 minutes wasted of my time for only this call. He called a little later also to try and fix the problem, saying they will do changes in the configuration, but nothing much improved.

I kept calling every few days to see if anything has happened, but every time I call, I get the same answer. “They’re working on it!” What are they doing? I never got an answer for that, and my request to talk to the IT or anyone in charge were all met with denial. This went on for long time until I went on a trip, came back, and nothing still changed. No one ever called back to check up on the open ticket. 3 minute youtube video would take 3-5 minutes of buffering, and no, no one at home downloads any movies or does bit torrent. Short YouTube videos is the most we could consume usually. 

During my initial calls in May, one guy explained this slowness is due to the number of connected devices (12 at the time). But Mada FAQ clearly says I can connect up to 20 devices, and that service will be affected, but only very minimally (see attached snapshots). So a drop to 2.8-2.5 Mbps is maybe minimal, but definitely not to 1.5 Mbps. 

I got so frustrated eventually, and bored from chasing non-existing support. We just let it go until last Friday, 24th August, the wifi was not accessible, and when I tried to see why, I saw that the SSID name of the router have changed to, excuse me, “Khra 3la Al A***” (see attached photo). Obviously the router has been hacked, and the last people to change the router configuration, and login credentials were Mada support during one of my many calls. I called support, first I thought of checking on the status of the old ticket. He said it’s still open, and last update was on May 29 saying you got 3 Mbps. That’s however totally untrue, I would’ve settle for 3 Mbps, but I never told them I got this speed, and if I did, and that is considered acceptable, then why is the ticket open? And why didn’t someone explain this to me in one of my followup calls? I’m pretty sure I never tested it to be that fast, and never did tell them it’s 3 Mbps. Not sure how and who updated the ticket at the time without confirming it with me. I’d be happy if it was 3 Mbps. But it wasn’t. Just to be clear about this, because I was shocked to hear this for the first time in August, 3 months after I have been chasing after the ticket.

Then, I explained the new problem, the router hack. As I read the SSID, the guy completed my sentence, saying you’re the second one to report it. So obviously it’s not something wrong I did, but common router security hole. I explained how this means they have security issues, but he somehow replied “It’s not about security” What is it about then? He said he will get back to me shortly. Little later he called asking me to leave it on until he resolves the problem. I did, but I also disconnected all devices, as I can’t tell to what level the hack is serious, and it could compromise our private data.

Nothing after that, until I called back, as usual, on 7:15 PM. The guy dug up my May ticket, and when I started talking about the hack, he did not have a clue, and even challenged that since the login credentials have been changed, then no one could possibly have hacked the router. Basically implying I’m making this up or hugely confused. Where did my ticket go? There was no ticket created at all, and no handover on the problem, no followup or nothing. They security hack was just left like this. At about that time the router was off, perhaps remotely shut down, I’m not sure. We left it off as we can’t trust it anymore, and it’s been off, and we’re without internet since Friday 24 August. 

You see what we had to go through is not just one little problem or two. It’s series of issues and bad customer support that keeps ignoring all reports I send their way. And when I came to the office to talk to someone in charge, the lady at the desk was shocked that absolutely no one from all the people I talked to over the phone have suggested I bring the router for inspection.

Now I’m really fed up, and no one wants the service anymore. So, and looking at the history of my problems and lack of solutions, I am asking that you terminate my account immediately, back dated 24th August, date which the critical problem was reported and service was unusable, and was remained unused since then, and refund the remaining balance accordingly. My account is a 1 Year / 240 KD that expires on 10/4/2012, and from the date of critical service issue, 24th August, till expiry date, that’s 7 months and 17 days. Minus the two free months that come with the year subscription, we would end up with 5 months and 17 days. Each month is worth 20 KD, so that would be (5*20)+(17*0.666) = 111.3 KD.

I should note that during  one of my phone calls for the May problem, customer care representative assured me that I will be compensated for all the days since I reported the speed problem. If that is not the case, then here is another problem with the mada support giving incorrect information and making false promises. Either way, all I’m asking is for a refund since the time the service became completely unusable and we stopped using it.

I will be waiting your kind update on the matter.

Kind Regards

Bashar Abdullah

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: <[email protected]>

Date: Fri, May 25, 2012 at 6:02 PM

Subject: Ticket is created

To: ***@gmail.com

Dear Mr. BASHAR 

We acknowledge receipt of your email regarding the above subject..

Please be informed, that we have escalated the issue to our concern department and shall be contacting you in this regard.

Your concerns have been recorded within your profile under Ticket No. 201205250000004, please use the same for future enquiries.

We appreciate your support and cooperation on this subject.

Thank You,

Customer Care


Mr. Hussain did forward it to several of the staff, keeping me copied. Two days later, at 10 PM I got a call from Mr. Amer, Mada supervisor who have joined the company few months back it seems. He was apologetic about the timing and how he couldn’t call earlier, telling me the issues was brought down to him from the GM. He listened to my whole story and was in shock, telling me “This is obviously not just miscommunication but we have handled your case wrongly. I’m a speaking from technical side, and would like to help you if possible”. I really respect him taking the time and offering to help, and since we were genuinely looking for a decent service, not a way out, I promised I would open the router for him to test it, but that if the family didn’t like the speed, we will still ask for cancellation. He said cancellation is not his part, but that shouldn’t’ be a problem. 


Wednesday at noon I called him and told him the router is on at his disposal. He logged in for an hour, solved the hack problem, and did his testing. After the hour he called telling me the hack problem is solved, but that 1.8 Mbps in my area is the most I can hope for, and I won’t even get that. This test was done with no devices connected on my end mind you that. I thanked him, and told him to cancel the service. He asked me to call customer care. No way! I told him I’m not going through that loop again, and I’d like him to forward the matter. He agreed. 

One week later, and still no update. I called and messaged Mr. Amer, but he never replied. So I emailed Mr. Hussain again on Sept 5th.

 From: Bashar Abdullah

Date: 5 September, 2012

To: Hussain Bhatti

Dear Hussain,

Following on the incident, Mr. Amer called me last Tuesday trying to understand the problem and offer a final attempt to reconcile the problem. I honored his request as he was clearly passionate to help. He spent last Thursday working for about an hour on the router. He fixed the hacking problem, but told me that the maximum speed I can hope for is 1.8 Mbps at best, and it will likely be less than that. So a 1-1.5 Mbps.

I thanked him but explained ofcourse this is below the minimum we can work with and would like to cancel the service, and get a refund for the remaining time. He promised he’d forward the matter to the concerned department to take appropriate action, and I should hear something in next two days. Unfortunately it’s been a week and I still have no update, and I could not reach him yesterday on phone or sms. So I am asking you if you can get me an update on the matter, and try to speed things up, since it seems I am back to square one now.

Kind Regards


He soon replied with this short email, keeping everybody copied. 

Dear Bashar,

I once again will send the details to the NOC team. Let them conclude the issue and revert.

Thank you

Next morning I woke up to this forward,  again through Mr. Hussain.  Note that the original sender was hidden, and up till now I am yet to hear from the customer care manager, or even sales manager. 


From: Hussain Bhatti

Date: 6 September, 2012

To: Bashar Abdullah

Dear Bashar,


Kindly review the following usage of your account carefully. Its tabulated for your info:

Dear Bhatti,

Please find the below usage report in the last 6 months, he has downloaded 100 GB in August, 2012 only:

Mar (MB)


Apr (MB)


May (MB)


Jun (MB)


Jul (MB)


Aug (MB)


Total (MB)


Total (GB)


The data was extracted to understand the account utilization and how fairly it was maintained. The trend of your usage is way above the norms i.e. 393GB’s. The company will get back to you on your connection speed. Meanwhile, your account usuage has already blazed the capacity we normally allocate on even open terms, let alone in June and August you burnt 128GB of downloads which shows that the account was well in use.

Thank you


You can tell this got me out of bed, and soon fired up my reply.


From: Bashar Abdullah

Date: 6 September, 2012

To: Hussain Bhatti

Dear Hussain,

Please send the below as my official response.
I am surprised this is being turned into bandwidth usage rather than bandwidth speed. Mada is cap free as they clearly advertised, so I don’t understand the term “blazed above the capacity we normally allocate even on open terms“. The huge jump from June to July in usage is normally because of the summer vacation. More people are at home surfing the web, so the bandwidth, despite it’s slowness, is being utilized more. Theoretically speaking, even when I’m getting just 1 Mbps, I can download up to 10.54 GB of data per day. 1.5 Mbps can give you 15.82 GB. So you see the 100 GB in August means there is a mere 3.33 GB downloaded per day on average. Not even half the daily theoretical limit of 1 Mbps. If we are talking the minimum promised of 2 Mbps, then the maximum per day is 21.1 GB! That’s like 15.6% of the daily limit. Nothing to feel so generous about as  highlighted below, since the terms ARE open and without a cap. 
Also, from the same table provided, you see how half the months we have only consumed 8 to 9 GB only in a whole month! This is when it wasn’t summer, and we don’t have all day to wait for things to load. We were downloading a mere 0.266 GB of data in a whole day. Big reason for that is very often those youtube clips will keep buffering for too long that they would get bored and close the session.
So you see the provided bandwidth usage, which is only high in the two months of summer when more people are utilizing the bandwidth, doesn’t prove there isn’t any speed problems like I have reported. It also seems to ignore the other problems I have faced during the recent months.
Just to summarize again, as I don’t want the issues I went through to be left out, these are the problems:
1-  Speed: In May, and before that, I have done several tests with Mada team showing that I am getting slow speeds of 1-1.5 Mbps. Ticket was opened as a proof of that, and is still not close to this day. If I was getting proper speed, the customer care would have explained it, and the ticket would have been closed. The speed was tested again last Thursday, 30th August by Mada supervisor Mr. Amer, and without any device in our house connected. Mr. Amer confirmed I can only get maximum 1.8 Mbps, and that is not a guarantee as well.
2- Ignoring my speed ticket: As I have shown, my open ticket about speed issue has been completely ignored for the past 3 months completely. No one offered anything for me to fix it, nor told me to bring the router for inspection at any time. 
3- Router hacked: As I have shown before, the router was hacked, and even then, no one cared at all to open a ticket or to follow. The hack was simply and quickly ignored by your guy handling it, and I had to shut down the router to avoid further issues. 
So there was a mix of slow service, security issues, and a complete lack of support from Mada end. Together I have more than good enough reason to cancel my subscription, and request a refund. I was willing open a new page if the problems is fixed, and forget all that happened. Given that I get proper speed. Mr Amer, the supervisor in Mada confirmed that I cannot right now get speed above 1.8 Mbps, and I will likely get less. This is based on his tests done when no device was connected at our end, so it was an optimal case test.
Given all that, the last I can expect is for someone to show how generous they have been, and that I was in someway abusing the service, rather than being the victim of slow speeds and complete lack of support.
Again, we are wasting time I’m sorry to say, after it was clear to everyone what have happened. If Mada was half as persistent as solving customer problems, as they seem now in holding on to the remaining contract value, we would not have been here.
The router has been off since the day of the hack. Only turned on for 1 hour during Mr. Amer test, then closed again till this day. We refuse to use, and we demand full refund since that day as I said before. 
I will be waiting for a quick update from Mada in the next two working days, as this has clearly taken long enough.
Kind Regards
He replied saying the concerned personnel will get back to me. That was September 6th. September 13th there was still no update, so I sent a followup email just to make facts clear, not hoping for anything more from it.

From: Bashar Abdullah

Date: 13 September, 2012

To: Hussaib Bhatti

Dear Mr. Hussain,

I hope you realize the grief me and many Mada customers go through when trying to deal with any problem concerning Mada. Another week passes without a single update. Can Mada really compete with other ISPs with that level of support?
Maybe you’ll argue all ISPs are the same. I’ll agree that I’m not exactly happy with all ISPs. But I have tried Qualitynet support. They do follow up until I confirm problem is solved and the ticket is closed. Fasttelco sent engineer to try fix speed problem several times. When it was obvious we can’t get proper speeds anymore, due to the lines going bad, they refunded the money without hassle, even though it was not their problem but MOC related. A W-Net customer forgot about his auto-renewal, and was hit with 300KD+ invoice. When I pointed the problem to some Wataniya employee, and they saw his usage was in fact zero during all this time, they waived the invoice. Again, it was the customer’s mistake, but honest one, with no harm on any part, and they acted on it. 
In our case, its obvious and I have proven I am getting below the minimum speed of 2 Mbps, my open ticket was ignored for months, and my router was hacked and even that hack incident was ignored. Until I came to you and raised all these issues that is. Yet, I still get ignored, and the one email reply I got was trying to jump around all those issues, showing the download volume rather than speed. A slow car can take you from Kuwait City to Jahra. It’s just how long it took that is the problem.
Again, I’m thankful for you to try and solve the problem, but as you see there is no sign of any cooperation to try and resolve my problem. 
I guess I will need to work out a solution to this problem myself, since Mada is not willing to offer a refund.


He replied soon with what seems hopeless letter. 

Dear Bashar,

I completely understand what you suggested below, I was trying to facilitate your issue in essence you get served. The concerned personnel are part of this email and they will revert as per the policy relating to cancellation of contracts. 

Thank you


NOTE: During all those email exchanges, there were at least 4 personnel from Mada were copied, and total of 8 till the end. I have no idea what departments they represent, but all I know is that means more than enough people are aware of the problem, and no one seemed to care.

He truly seemed to be trying to solve this silly matter that have grown out of proportion. Needless to say that was the last I ever heard anything from Mada at all. 13th September for a call I opened in 25th May (or actually before), and we’re now past 13th October. 

What’s really sad and funny is how silly companies can be in dealing with their customers problems. Mada works hard to gain reputation on Twitter, and keeps on gifting free routers and services to bloggers to buy them out and gain positive reviews. But they forget their paying customers, who are the real customers anyway, and are willing to go this far against them.

With this Mada have actually put me in an excellent position, with absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Mada on the other hand could lose the remaining amount through legal channels, have lost me as possible customer in the future of course, have already lost candidate customers who were considering Mada but heard my story, each worth about 240 KD/year, exceeding the amount they needed to refund me, and will definitely lose more as this post reaches more people. 

A friend have suggested I run this by Mada before I go public with it. But I decided differently, for I don’t want to blackmail or beg for my money. I truly tried to resolve the matter between us, hoping the story can have a better ending. They decided otherwise, and shut down doors of negotiations. I believe people should know about this, and it will do us all more good if this goes viral, so that companies will be more aware of the value of good customer service. Something we truly need in Kuwait.

Funny Fact: My family eventually went back to VIVA, and were getting 3.5-4 Mbps at lower price. 

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  • Macaholiq8

    Damn them. My brother in law had the same experience with their stupid customer support few weeks ago. :/

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    @MacaholiQ8: Well tell him to save his breath. It’s not gonna help. Best thing is to circulate such reviews around to make people aware

  • LCDq8

    Since you have all evidence I think you can safely pursue them legally at get your refund back at the very least.
    Not that I think giving them the bad rep they deserve for such service is not enough, but at least you strike them with the legal fear if you succeed with legal and publish it out :)

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    @LCDq8: You’re right. I am taking legal action. Will update if anything happens

  • http://www.akabane-90.blogspot.com Hashimoto

    @[email protected]
    DAMN !

    Their customer service is pure shitness
    this post really needs to get published all over twitter!

    please do post about any updates concerning your refund
    cause they REALLY SUCK!

    best of luck!

  • http://www.hassanmbashir.com hassan

    no doubt there CS and even sales department is confused and have no clue what they are doing

    Customer support is $hitty, but there internet speed in my experince has been improved in salmiya area and the new soho device have bettere reciption i guess

  • Anonymous

    hassan: This is how it is. If you’re lucky enough to be in low crowd area, and close enough to the station, then you’re in good shape. Don’t expect this to last however, and when it does, don’t hold any hope.

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  • Q8SMS .NET

    Excellent report man. I’ll favorite it and i’ll repost it in different blogs as well.

    Many thanks

  • Abraham Al-sayed

    I have never read any story that described my hard time with mada like your story, every single word is what I went thru, trust me I would never think of subscribing again with mada for theire reputation and neglecting their paying customers, hopefully I will find a company that fulfill their promises and my needs, thank u bashar for sharing your story.
    Ibrahim Alsayed