Mada apologizes for any convenience they might have given me

This is a follow on to my previous post about Mada and why you should never try them, which explains how I had problem with their service from May, router got hacked and service was slow as hell in August, and when no one solved my problem, I asked to cancel my subscription and get refund for the remaining period of my contract, since Mada could not even guarantee 1.8 Mbps speed, as opposed to their promised 2 Mbps minimum. In early November a funny thing happened. I saw three missed call on two minutes period before half an hour. This was Friday 9:30 PM, so I could have million things going on. When I called it was Mada, and when I checked my email I found out they have closed the ticket I opened since May, saying it was resolved. The one that never got resolved. When I asked them why is it closed and problem is resolved they guy on the phone simply told me “We called twice and you didn’t pick up. We closed the ticket. That’s our protocol”. I told him this is stupid protocol, and the ticket is now six months old, and they just woke up at this time, make three quick calls and close it isn’t acceptable. He said he can’t re-open it (tadaa), but he will open new one. I insisted they explain it relates to the ticket opened in May.

One month later they called saying they want to assess service quality. When I told him what happened, and that the router is offline for months, and I don’t want further testing as I already got alternate service, they guy said “Well Sir, you’re not helping me here. I want to test the speed” I told him it’s too late. Months too late, and I normally replaced it. Just a proof how bad it was and that I wasn’t bluffing, and all I want is refund. He didn’t help me in anyway, and eventually hung up.

Today the best thing happened. A lady called saying she wants to ask about the quality of the service. Not sure if this has anything to do with the ticket, but she was speechless when I told her my story. After I finished she said “Well we apologize for this” I told her I don’t want an apology. If they mean it, they can get back to me with my refund. She said she will send my complain. I told her we’ll see, and I was welling to bet 100 KD they won’t do anything about it. Soon after I finished my call, I got this piece of art customer support email.

Mada apologize for the convenience

It’s heart touching how not only did they close my ticket, but they apologize for any convenience this might have caused me. Worry not Mada. It did not make me any more convenient. Not even the best comedy writers can come up with such stuff. I hope guys at Dilbert are reading this.

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