Gratuitous Space Battles Quick Review

gratuitous space battles


I admit I was taken by the visuals of Gratuitous Space Battles, and hoped for something much more at a very low discounted price. I love the graphics and style of massive damage with lasers and rockets in all direction. What I didn’t realize at the time, is that this is just a simulation where you build up your fleet, click Fight, and then just see the battle rage on, wishing you could at least do little to at least guide the shots. Alas that doesn’t seem to be the case. You just wait for the battle to end, and I managed to get bored from the first fight. Also, the game has a very high edge entry point with dozens and dozens of text screens guiding you through assembling your space fleet. You keep scrolling through one tiny text message after another, hoping to see some action.

Gratuitous Space Battles text messages

This is mostly my fault. Have I know it would be purely a simulation without mostly anything from my part during the fight, I wouldn’t have wasted the small amount. But guess this is how Steam sales work. We tend to think after we buy.

Even my kid didn’t like it and quickly dismissed it. Saying I should’ve read more before I bought it. He’s upset I guess I blew a chance of a good game on him. Still, many seem to like the game. If you’re into simulation, and don’t mind the steep learning curve, and have the time for it, maybe it’s for you. But most people won’t enjoy it I believe.

Now, back to Steam Summer Sale! I’ll try to read a little more this time.

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