Horrible XCite Pre-Order Experience

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Last month I placed an order on June 8 with XCite.com for Last Of Us Special Edition as a pre-order using Knet online payment. Game was supposed to come out Friday June 14th. Thursday they called telling me game will be late and delivered only on Sunday I think. This was a disappointment, as we all know the game already sells in Kuwait market a day or two before it’s official release. I said ok, but didn’t feel so comfortable. So I bought another regular copy from Blink.com, deciding to sell the other copy if it arrives, and keep the special edition items. Saturday they call again to tell me the game won’t be delivered even on Tuesday, and they don’t have a date yet. Some pre-order that is! I told him people have already finished the game twice probably and I’m still waiting for their delivery. He said it is stuck in customs and they can’t help it. I told him I want it canceled. He offered Web store credit or refund. I opted for refund, but I was shocked to hear it takes 3-4 whole weeks to get the 25 KD refund back. I was pissed off, but let it go.

Today it is July 26, six weeks since I canceled my order, and still nothing! I called yesterday afternoon and they told me someone will call from the web support in an hour or after futoor. So they call center they advertise on their site doesn’t get you to the web support team, and that’s a separate one. Needless to say no one ever called. I called again today at about 2 PM and explained my problem and how they ignored me. The guy on the line with classic defense style replied “No, no one ignored you. They were probably just too busy” Really? I told him if you’re too busy you can’t call back customers for a whole day, you should stop selling stuff. I mean that means you’re making big amount of money. And from my sources, I know they are.

Anyways, he again promised someone will call tonight. I countered what if no one does. He said call again tomorrow and we will open complain again. Huh? Are you even hearing yourself? I kept asking him to open complain for a customer support manager, and he kept replying his manager is not responsible, it should go to web support team which includes their manager. And when someone calls me from them, I can ask him to file complain to the manager. Problem is, no one called! And it’s been six weeks, so that should’ve been a sign I should have some priority in resolving my matter.

That is what truly happens behind the scenes at XCite. However if you tweet something bad about them on Twitter, you immediately get this kind of response.

Twitter exchange with xcite


They did not reply to my last two questions. It’s sad and pathetic that such big companies would treat you differently if you call and inquire through their formal channels, than if you deface them online. I have already called my bank and they told me to file official report of the incident against them.

What you should take from this is to never trust them for pre-order items. Especially their PS4 pre-order deal, which requires 50 KD deposit. I can only imagine how bad this can go.


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  • Dan Vincent

    One word. Amazon.

    • http://tathkarti.com/ Bashar3A

      Ofcourse. But Amazon will incur delay and shipping charges. The 25 KD local offer seemed interesting then.