Twitter testing push notification ads?

I got this weird Twitter App notification on my iPhone today.


Twitter weird push notification message on iPhone

Twitter weird push notification message on iPhone

At the age of information overflow, I have absolutely no interest in knowing who followed whom. Let alone get a push notification on my iPhone for that. So why did I get it? By mistake? Very unlikely. The message is formed to tell me about who followed whom. Only thing I can think of is the ridiculous idea that this is some sort of new Twitter Ad being tested. I searched and found reports of what seems to be a new kind of Twitter notification Ad being tested. However even these reports seem different in context. They’re promoting tweets or users. Not simply telling me a user has been followed! Either way, I hope none of these notification ads ever make it. At least not without opting in for them. We are fighting hard to keep our phones spam free from SMS. Who would want to receive ad notifications for things he didn’t opt-in for in the first place? I can understand push notification about iPhone sales if I like iPhones. But push notifications for tweets and follows as a form of ad is absurd. I don’t even get notifications for my own followers. Let alone someone I don’t know or care about.

Did anyone get something similar recently?

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