How far have Google gone from what they used to be with Ads

When Google started back in 1998, they surprised people by their simplistic design. Their page was clean and fast. They didn’t even have a footer, that people thought page is still loading! Their paid ads were all plain text, clearly visible and distinguishable. They were ahead of everybody else settings standards about user experience, and always always putting the customer first. That’s one reason it took Google so long to start making money. Larry and Sergey did not want to ruin the user experience with ads, and before they came to know the relevant text ads, advertisement was basically bunch of banners you throw on your page here and there.  Now however, things are being done very differently. Let’s take YouTube for example. They bought it when it was running at a cost, started putting ads on the site. No big deal. Then small short clips 10 seconds or so before you watch few minutes video. Even though that’s not the best experience, I understand the service has to pay up eventually, so I wasn’t opposed to it. Now however, with embedded video ads becoming mainstream,  I’ve seen 3 whole minute ads showing before a 30 seconds clip I want to watch! 3 minutes is not even a tv ad normal length when you’re sitting on your couch too lazy to reach for the remote, let alone online when you have 30+ tabs open, and skipping the clip is just one click away. Yes I know you can skip it, but if you think about it, why show such length ads in the first place? 30 seconds clip is too short to show more than probably 7 seconds ad, if you really must! I could not find a snapshot of that 3 minute video ad, but here is a similar example.

YouTube Ad Longer than clip itself


As you can see, the advertisement itself is more than 150% of the clip you want to watch! Has this even been thought over? Ad length? Ad to clip ratio? Those basics Google used to lead and show the world how to best do them? Apparently not. They decided to completely ignore it and see how much they can milk the cow before it goes dry. A simple thinking on their side should’ve made them realized, watching 10 seconds ad might be ok for many, but 3 minutes… I’d say never!

Google isn’t stopping there however, and wants to ruin every other web page you visit. As Google AdSense is the most common traffic monetization technique, you are expected to see it over many web pages, and very often in the form of an image or video ad. And that’s fine if you ask me. Site provides free content, displays ad on the site in case you like it, every body wins. But now that they’re allowing everybody to post video ads, they need to make sure those ads are making them money. But really, how likely are you to visit a news or game reviews page, and decide to click and watch a 30 seconds car ad? Very unlikely. People are becoming less and less engaged with ads. That’s why AdBlock is there right? So what did Google do after they realized no one is playing those ads? They reverted to one old trick played by cheap ad sites. Hover-to-Play! I’m just moving my mouse cursor over the page, unknowing of the consequences, move my cursor over the video ad, and all of a sudden it starts playing! Damn that’s annoying! I’ll hit the pause button. Ooops!

google annoying video adsTrollface problem

That Google+ button everybody seems to hate is there to make sure you don’t hit the pause button until it’s too late! You know what that reminds me of?



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