My name is Bashar Abdullah, I’m a Kuwaiti computer engineer. Passionate about the computer, internet, and web development in specific. I have worked in several places ranging from banking, telecom, university, and government as well. From all I’ve seen and heard during my career years, I believe that, at least in Kuwait, nothing compares to being a web entrepreneur and having your own business.

I work on Ruby on Rails mostly, with side interests in iPhone and Android development that never seem to get satisfied. I had a previous crush on Java for years, but Rails just works lot better for my size and kind of projects. My latest and on going project is Tathkarti.com, a search engine for foorball (soccer) tickets to help you buy the best seats at best price available. It’s still an infant, and it’s happily keeping me busy most of the time.

As much as I hate to lose focus, I’m so not a full time blogger, and in fact recently, I have lost the right of calling my self one at all. Hence I can’t create a separate blog for each and everything I like to write about, so this blog will cover several areas of my interest, including technology, books, documentaries, movies, and video games. The majority might be on technology though.

There… I finally have an About page!