Google new type of ads?

I’m not sure if this is new to me or new to Google them selves, but those new Google AdSense Image ads really look more attractive than before.     Anybody know about this?   UPDATE: It turns out this is a new type of ad being tested by Google, where you select a template […]

Google Ads on Yahoo Search Pages Almost A Reality

I left the soccer pitch yesterday 11 PM to see an SMS forward from a friend about TechCrunch Twitter alert, Yahoo-Google announcement 1:30 PM today. This is gotta be about the advertising partnership. And indeed, I woke up today to read about the Google & Yahoo public joint announcement declaring they are going into an […]

Soon your Google Ads may showup on Yahoo!

Google and Yahoo! have been undergoing a testing period for the efficiency of delivering Google Ads alongside Yahoo search results. This is to measure how the ad click-throughs are compared to Yahoo’s own ads. Yahoo themselves estimate that Google Ads bring 60-70% more revenue than Yahoo. This is because of ad relevancy for one, and […]

Google Testing Scroll Ads

I’ve noticed this today on Q8igg. Google seems to be testing new type of ads with up/down arrows to dynamically display more ads. Circled is the scroll arrow for up/down   Transitioning from one group ads to another   New ads shown   While I don’t think so many people in general would go and […]

Is rounded corner Google Ads fair?

Google Ads come with different size and shapes. One of them, which appeal to me the most, happen to be the very rounded corner ones. Google are very careful and enforce many constraints on the ads, do many changed and monitoring to protect the advertiser from invalid clicks, and do their best to increase the […]

Testing new Amazon widgets

I am playing with some new Amazon Associates widgets that I came across today. These are the new ones to me: Unbox Video: Lists some videos to play from. Nice feature, but it’s too wide to fit into a blog, and there isn’t large variety of videos. For example, I chose documentaries and biographies, but […]

New interactive Google Gadget Ad Formt on the way

Seoz have reported on his blog about the new type of interactive Ad format that is coming from Google. The new type of ads, still in Beta, will open the door to advertisers to interact with their customers through rich media capabilities that supports real data feed, images, videos and more, all in on single […]