Inferno by Dan Brown Infuriated Me

DISCLAIMER: This post is mostly spoiler free, and some might say it is. But in reviewing this book I have to state what I found bad with it, and that might give some hints away for you. Read at your own risk. But if you want my advise, read this article or not, just ignore […]

Amazon Kindle for $189

Like it?

Color e-book readers fall this year?

Could this happen so soon? Qualcomm is showing off a new colored e-reader that is based on what they call “Mirasol” technology, which they claim draws less power than the e-ink technology, but gives back colors instead, [update] and has no backlight[/update]. Not just colors, but not bad video quality as well. If anything is […]

QUE eReader To Be Revealed this January

Que, one of the anticipated eBook Readers, is going to be the first it seems to heat up the competition in the year of eBooks reader, 2010. We know you’ve been waiting with anticipation for more information about QUE, the world’s first proReader. Your wait is nearly over. Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 7, […]