Toy Story 3 Video Game, Just How All Movie Games Should Be

How many movie games are released each year? How many movie games have you tried in your life time? How many did you really like? The answer would be I bet very close to zero! Well I can say I added one to mine. The moment I saw Toy Story 3 video game trailer it […]

Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

Finally, Jack Sparrow is gonna ride the seas to stranger tides! Just wonder why don’t they get Ron Gilbert to enhance the story, and win even more fans? Arrgh!

UP Blu-ray 4 Disc Combo Pack

The previously announced high-priced pre-order from Amazon for the PIXAR animation UP has now got a a lower price, and more details about the item contents. The new price guarantee now for pre-order is $31.99, and it comes as a set of 4 discs that includes a DVD copy, and a digital copy that you […]

UP Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

Knowing Disney however, I bet this will take sometime before it’s released. And hey, when are we going to get the previously promised PIXAR movies like Finding Nemo & Monsters on Blu-Ray?

Lucas Powering Monkey Island Inspired Movie

Isn’t it funny how it all started? In the late 80’s, Ron Gilbert, creator of the legendary Monkey Island so-called best adventure game of all time, Ron started reading Tim Power’s On Stranger Tides, which inspired him about the game. Ron him self said it several times that Pirates of the Caribbean the ride also […]

Pixar Vs Disney

Walt Disney have been for long the brand for children entertainment and animated movies. Companies used to clone whatever Disney does, but were always less fortunate. Over the past few years however, things have taken a different path. Every decade or two, with the evolution of new technologies, a company has to invest and risk […]