UP Blu-ray 4 Disc Combo Pack

The previously announced high-priced pre-order from Amazon for the PIXAR animation UP has now got a a lower price, and more details about the item contents. The new price guarantee now for pre-order is $31.99, and it comes as a set of 4 discs that includes a DVD copy, and a digital copy that you […]

The Magical World of Disney… SUCKS!

Since the release of Lion King back in 1994, Disney have gone into dark ages, deteriorating quality, and lack of focus big time, with some few exceptions. I keep arguing with my parents about their current status, and how they are only saved by PIXAR acquisition, which they refused as an idea several times over […]

Pyrats and Monkey Island fans the same…

Previously, I wrote about Monkey Island Cartoon, and it wasn’t really a Monkey Island cartoon, but rather a short film by a group of 5 French graduate students. The animation was so nice, characters were really drilled into, and you can see some real effort put into it. As a Monkey Island fan, I immediately […]

Pixar Vs Disney

Walt Disney have been for long the brand for children entertainment and animated movies. Companies used to clone whatever Disney does, but were always less fortunate. Over the past few years however, things have taken a different path. Every decade or two, with the evolution of new technologies, a company has to invest and risk […]

Monkey Island Cartoon…

Its now almost 10 years since the last worthy Monkey Island game sequel, and 17 since the start of the monkeying era. Since 1997, and the fans are eagerly waiting for a Monkey Island sequel. The cries were heard and a frustrating Escape From Monkey Island, by all means do escape it, was released. Most […]