Monkey Island II Tie

Remember those Monkey Island sneakers? You do? Wow.. your life must be so empty! But anyways, I got an email that seems from the same shoes designer and you can now wear ties that match your shoes while going to work. You can read her Spanish page if you like (or use Google Translate). And […]

Monkey Island 2 Special-Uber Edition

I can’t believe I call my self Monkey Island fan and I haven’t heard about this proof of concept for Monkey Island 2 Special Edition with 3D environment. And I haven’t even played the Tales of Monkey Island yet. I shouldn’t blog about this or else… Err, what do you mean I just did? Umm… […]

A pirate fanboy I was meant to be…

Being in the middle of pirate themes nowadays, and being an old Monkey Island fan makes me go and search for the old stuff. Remember the funny “A Pirate I was Meant To Be” Song in Monkey Island 3? Lovely isn’t it :). Well here is a new remake modern version of it: “A fanboy […]

Google Experimental Search

A nice and neat new feature from Google. Google Experimental lets you search for terms and see their results and events over the course of Timeline. The service is still new and you can see lots of empty gaps even when you search for Google. You can enjoy searching for your favorite topics like Monkey […]

It’s Raining Publishers on AME Games

The long awaited and anticipated A Vampyre Story adventure game, which has been delayed for months and months in failing attempts to sign a publisher, is now getting publishers fighting over after seeing the potential it has. It reminds me of the chicken that was planting seeds, only after it was fresh to eat people […]

Happy Birthday SCUMM

Or should I say Happy Birthday Ron? This years marks the 20th anniversary of SCUMM, the scripting utility Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert created to aid in the development of adventure game Maniac Mansion. The utility became the foundation of many other adventure games, like the legendary Monkey Island. A virtual machine is in place […]

How much does Psychonauts cost?

Following the high reviews it received, and my friend Kroms’s nagging and pushing, I decided to ignore my demo perception and still buy Psychonauts. After all, how much would it cost? $9 only on Amazon. I didn’t want however to pay for the shipping, so I thought of looking for a downloadable soft version of […]