Top 100 Anticipated 2010 Games

Games Radar have published a list of top 100 anticipated games of 2010. I’m extremely thrilled to see Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands there. Hope it matches the old trilogy in quality, and it seems will be between Sands of Time and Warrior Within. Also, Mafia II. Sequel but not related to best Mafia game […]

Top 10 Video Game Pre-Orders

I got this email from Amazon for top pre-order video games and thought of sharing it, see what you recommend/think: 1- Mario Power Tennis: Probably 2- KILLZONE 2: Definitely 3- PIKMIN: Unlikely 4- Resident Evil 5: Very Likely 5- Empire - Total War: Not Considering 6- Warhammer Dawn of War II: Maybe, but I need […]

How future games would be played…

I’ve posted before about the Brain-control headset and how it could revolutionize the way of gaming. Well, now we read about an adapted Harry Potter version of the game where you lift boulders and throw lightning bolts using only your mind. That would be something right? But is it fun to just use your brain […]

Wii Fit or Lazy Fits More?

While Wii keeps promising the awaited Wii Fit that will launch in May, that some say would let you cancel your gym membership, others are making things more easy and lazy-proof with their Brain Control headset that would allow users wearing the $299 headset (cheap.. I’m buying one) to move objects by only thinking of […]

Numbers looking good for PS3

The January NPD data report on console and game sales in the US has been released, and PS3 sales have not only surpassed Xbox 360 with 269,000 units compared to 230,000, but it is also going Wii a real chase up with 6,000 units difference only! It’s true ofcourse, Xbox 360 has been in the […]

Build your own Wii games in-house

The new hack into Wii that allowed users to run their on code on the console, even if only partially successful and with no motion-sensor support, the hack video could really mean soon you will get custom user made small games to run on the Wii, which could bring real more joy and fun to […]

Japanese Love PS3, Hate XBox 360

I came by the Google Trends and I was thinking of an interesting competition to make, and I thought “What’s better than console war?”. So I went and compared PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. and here is the result: Pretty obvious Wii came out of no where in 2005 Q4 to take over soon. Xbox […]