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Monkey Island 2 Special-Uber Edition

I can’t believe I call my self Monkey Island fan and I haven’t heard about this proof of concept for Monkey Island 2 Special Edition with 3D environment. And I haven’t even played the Tales of Monkey Island yet. I shouldn’t blog about this or else… Err, what do you mean I just did? Umm… […]

And the second Sam & Max season is on the way

While others are still planning and promising a come back to the adventure classics in 2015, others have already started making money and are moving on with Season 2. I mean really. How many successful adventure games  have been released recently, after public thought it’s almost dead. I agree adventure games are not that much […]

Give Telltale Your Comments

Hey classic adventure gaming fans, Telltale is asking for your help and feedback. Help them improve and deliver better games here.

Good News Sam & Max Fans

First of all, for Sam & Max Season 1 customers, check your email and start downloading Sam & MAX: Abe Lincoln Must Die. Telltale announced that customer who bought the full Season 1 ahead of time will get that advantage of getting the game 7 days earlier than launch date. I am already downloading it. […]

Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln Must Die

Yesterday I wrote about Sam & Max: The Offer You Can’t Refuse. I was concerned about how short it was. Well, now I can say all forgiven telltale. Looking at the latest snapshots of the next episode, Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln Must Die, I can see they’ve been busy preparing for that episode. […]

Sam & Max: The Offer You Can’t Refuse

Busy with all the work and my first week back to work, I just now finished Sam & Max: The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball. If you haven’t played or finished it yet (usually it’s either finished or didn’t play), then you might want to stop here as this is more of a review […]

Sam & Max: The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball

YES, the third episode of six forming the Sam & Max season 1 is already out for GameTap users in the US, while we still have to wait until 8th Feb to put our hands on the game. I am kind of liking it now, every installment comes with its own flavor. While Situation Comedy […]