Think you’ve lost a lot? Think again

Ofcourse their losses are percentage wise and they’re all still billionaires, but look at the billionaires losses. 30%+ for Bill Gates, and number 1 Anil Ambani with losses over 70% of his wealth. Funny I don’t recall Bill Gates objecting and demanding the close of the US Stock market. Maybe it’s because he knows no […]

Aramex, your chance to earn customers trust

July 1st, 2008 “Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for using our SHOP&SHIP service. Our aim is to continuously enhance your shopping experience with us. Aramex has found it necessary to increase the SHOP&SHIP rates to offset the increase in fuel price and operating costs. Effective July 1st 2008, our new rates will be as follows: […]

The future of Apple…

Apple are just living great times now, perhaps their best ever, no question about it. New Touch-Screen iPods coming on the way, Apple dominating over %60 of the MP3 Players market share, iPhone have sold over 1.5 million units, and with their super deal with AT&T for $18/month for each unit, that means extra monthly […]

Gulf Salary Increase Report 2007

You can see the post about Gulf Salary Increase Report 2007 on Q8Ba7th Blog. If you are into finance, or living in the Gulf, you will find the information useful to you.

Google Core Business Keeps Rising… But!

Once again every 3 months, we read a similar article. Google’s quarter revenue has exceeded expectations, and the stock price goes up again as always. Eric Schmidt talks in pride about how strong their core business is, and how it keeps getting stronger and stronger with time. This is really great, and I as a […]

Piracy Kills Adventure Games

The Longest Journey and Dreamfall are two successful adventure games that were developed by Funcom. Even though I could not bare to finish The Longest Journey, being on of the most buggiest and boring adventure games I’ve ever played, others have still loved it crazy and it got quite high reviews from the fans. It […]

Where is Google Video Now?

Since the acquisition of YouTube and Google has been trying to justify, Google Video will not be killed. Few weeks back, Google started displaying YouTube results from within it’s Google Video search results. The result was that over 90% of the videos ended up with YouTube. I am not sure how the results are sorted […]