Mada apologizes for any convenience they might have given me

This is a follow on to my previous post about Mada and why you should never try them, which explains how I had problem with their service from May, router got hacked and service was slow as hell in August, and when no one solved my problem, I asked to cancel my subscription and get […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Mada

Mada is that new company that emerged and rose to fame during last year’s bandwidth cap, promising to be the only cap-free company. I never bought these promises, and knew they were just using the situation to their advantage. Nevertheless my parents weren’t so happy with VIVA, and their land lines are old and can’t […]

Qualitynet Weekly Cap Is A Myth?

I hope everyone who reads this knows already about the newly enforced and contract violating cap on our internet bandwidth. Now I’ve been too lazy to update my blog, but I haven’t been sleeping on the matter otherwise trust me on that one. And while we keep losing every day our valuable bandwidth, I thought […]

MOC: ISPs should protect Kuwaiti websites?

Ministry of Communications representative in Kuwait have made an official weird announcement following several hacks on Kuwaiti websites, stating that the ministry and it’s governmental sites are not ready against hackers attacks (invitation for hackers), and then went on to explain why they are not ready, and why they can’t protect the banks and other […]

Another Sea Cable Cut At Alexandria

My friend told me there is another sea cable cut at Alexandria (Again, Egypt), and that explains the extremely unbearable slow internet today. We’ve got some great days ahead of us. But there is one good thing from it. YouTube is technically blocked! Hey.. Is that a conspiracy? Or extreme stupidity? Either ways dark days […]

Why the MOC blocked Skype?

  I only heard yesterday that MOC has blocked Skype. I thought of searching for rational reasons behind blocking a voice service rather than throw all my week’s burden on MOC blindly. So here goes. Why did the MOC block Skype? 1. Because it became a dating service? But there are many ways for opposite […]

6alabat email spamming their customers

Last week just before the P2BK forum, I was surprised to receive 3 email spams. One for P2BK, and two others for elections. I am usually very careful where I put my email, so my best guess is one of the online sites in Kuwait I deal with is selling my email. Today, I got […]