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iPhone OS 4 vs. Android

[Guest Post By James Mowery] With the much anticipated upcoming release of Apple’s iPhone OS 4, especially with the recent iPhone prototype media leaks, tech fans wait to see how OS 4 stacks up against the Android 2.1 platform. Since Android 2.1 was released in January, it has steered many Apple cronies away from their […]

MAMP Pages Won’t Run On Snow Leopard

MAMP, the Mac Apache MySQL & PHP bundled server, was running perfectly fine after I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Yesterday when I started it for some reason it didn’t ask for the password to run, the app seems to start but none of my web apps in the htdocs folder would work, as pages won’t […]

50 Recommended Firefox Extensions

I came across this list of 50 recommended Firefox loyal users, or Mac Chrome to-be ones. And while I haven’t gone through all of them, the ones that caught my attention, or I am enjoying already are: 1- ColorZilla: One of the reasons I still open Firefox is to get the color of a certain […]

Ubiquity - The Firefox Game Changer

No Comments. Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo. Visit Ubiquity page for more info.

Selected 157 FREE Softwares by PC-MAG

PC Magazine have compiled a great list of selected 157 free softwares/online services you can use over commercial ones. While 157 is a large number, I strongly suggest you go through the whole categorized list, or your favorite category at least. I tried to go through it to come up with most preferred ones, I […]

Notepad++: Developer’s Best Friend

Like old people tend to stick to their old habits, there are many computer geeks who love the classical editors. In my last job interview, the interviewer was excited with my performance so far and wanted to know which tools I use for my development. When I said the word Notepad, his face started changing […]