Wataniya says “Your email or no Wnet service!”

I’ve been living a couple of dark days after my upgrade of Qualitynet connection caused down time by MOC to switch me to their new port, taking more than two days and spanning the weekend. So I thought it would be a good time to get the Wifi router I wanted from one of the […]

Facebook new simpler privacy policy?

Really? And part of the simplification is trying to make my info public to everyone? Shouldn’t the logic be to set it to my old settings, with the option to make it to Everyone?

How to hide most visited sites from Chrome New Tab

For those of you enjoying all the Chrome super speeds (and all Windows problems), if you need to disable the display of most visited sites in a new tab, although I personally love it, here is how to do it.

Facebook users beware

According to this article Facebook will be allowing Google, Yahoo, MSN and to start indexing the facebook registered users profile, so if you don’t like it, your privacy might be exposed to public. To disable this feature you will have to login to your facebook account an adjust the privacy settings there. I tend […]

e-Government in Kuwait

Kuwait has been promoting the e-Government at least since I was in college. How every thing is going to be electronic, and how the services will be all available online. In the past few years, several advancements have been made. In the MOI, you can view your speeding tickets and pay them online, see passport […]

Windows sneaks on your files to display relevant ads!!!

When Google first announced Gmail and it’s relevant ads behavior, public concern over privacy was raised and expressed. Nevertheless it was all a free service that Google wants to make money out of. Now, and as per this new patent, Microsoft will be utilizing the email and word processor clients stored on your PC to […]

I know exactly what you are doing online…

Would you like to hear me saying that to you? Most likely not. What if I tell you the government is spying on you. Imagine at any minute, you receive an email saying “I know what you surfed last summer!”. This is what Germany is trying to enforce by saving any connection data be it […]