Selected 157 FREE Softwares by PC-MAG

PC Magazine have compiled a great list of selected 157 free softwares/online services you can use over commercial ones. While 157 is a large number, I strongly suggest you go through the whole categorized list, or your favorite category at least. I tried to go through it to come up with most preferred ones, I […]

NBK sudden credit card cancellation

Few days ago I got an email from one of the companies I deal with saying my credit card was declined. I reached home and tried again my NBK Master Card, it failed. Logging in to my NBK Online account I was not able to find my card there. But that’s OK I thought, NBK […]

Win-XP Dumbrep.exe

Software crash and failure are indispensable part of Windows since the very beginning. When it happens I usually immediately click close and restart my program, and NO I do not Send Error to Microsoft. Why? Once I did for some media player and the solution came back quick: Problem Cause: Media Player Problem Solution: Remove […]

The Alchemist - A novel worth reading

    I did actually finish reading my first novel from over a decade, except the one I got as a task in college which was ridiculous. I heard about it from a friend first and gave it a second thought. Several good reviews followed that I eventually went for it. The moment I opened […]

How can I contact Gmail?

Isn’t Gmail just an amazing service? It has spread so fast and became almost a standard. Just like Hotmail used to be in the VERY old days. Sad fact however, Google same as many other sites tend to keep away from customer emails as much as they can, although what drives company best is customer […]

TARSHEED: Kuwait’s multi-million Power Consumption Awareness Campgain

For the foreign reader, Kuwait is a small country on the coast of the Persian (Arabian) gulf in the middle-east. Despite it’s small in size, Kuwait is estimated to be holding %10 of the world’s oil reserves. Being so rich in oil has made this small country one of the most consumption and least productive […]

Rush Hour 3 in less than 60 minutes!

When I saw Rush Hour 3 trailer in Kuwait Cinema (Cinescape) I told my wife I’m not going to this movie. I could see what’s coming very obvious. People who went to the movie in theatre told me as expected. Cinescape took the movie name literally and managed to squeeze the whole movie in less […]