Thank you Audible for Return Item Feature

There are already so many reasons to like Audible, the most popular audiobook shopping site out there. Beside the large collection, their easy to use monthly subscription service, and ability to keep your purchases and redownload them forever, today I was amazed to find another feature just by mere luck. As I haven’t been driving […]

Amazon Kindle for $189

Like it?

Color e-book readers fall this year?

Could this happen so soon? Qualcomm is showing off a new colored e-reader that is based on what they call “Mirasol” technology, which they claim draws less power than the e-ink technology, but gives back colors instead, [update] and has no backlight[/update]. Not just colors, but not bad video quality as well. If anything is […]

Kindle battery problem caught in action

Remember that Kindle battery problem I mentioned earlier? It’s been paparazzied. Clearly, the Kindle still has about 25% of it’s battery, and it’s complaining about low battery, after which it went almost empty immediately.

Kindle Battery Problems?

You know how sometimes you have trouble sleeping? Then you decide it’s dawn already, so you might as well get up and do something useful? You feel like doing early morning reading when house is so quite. You are well into the book, about to wrap it up, and your emotions are starting to flow […]

Amazon Black Friday Week Starting 23rd November

Starting 23rd November, and for one whole week, Amazon Black Friday Deals. I hope I get something good out of it, if I am eligible that is!

9 [Blu-ray] Coming End Of This Year

Looking forward to it.