Did you know Javascript could do that?

Chrome Experiments is a library of cool and complex javascript experiments that were made by people from all around the world, combined to show and test the browser capabilities, mainly Chrome in this case, but you can compare it to the other browsers. Here is one example that worked on my Firefox on Mac, but [...]

The Gift of NAS

NAS, or Network Attached Storage is probably the now most personal reliable, and afforadable backup and central storage solution that is both easy to use and setup, as opposed to regular back external hard drives which needs to be connected every time you want to backup, and can only talk to limited number of computers [...]

160GB solid-state drives coming, Intel says

That’s good news to hear. Intel is promising soon the shipping of laptops and notebook PCs with 160GB solid-state flash drives. Solid-State drives if you haven’t heard about it before are new candidate replacements for current mechanical hard-drives, known for being much faster and more reliable. They are also much less noisy for not having [...]

ATI Radeon Video Card Review

Isn’t it annoying when something goes wrong with your beloved computer? Be it software or hardware. One should always take care in buying robust stuff that doesn’t wear out quickly. But how can you tell? And how possible is it for a piece of hardware to crash in few years time, after which, the computer [...]

Apple Flash Laptops Coming? Let’s Wait

If this news is true, Apple is planning to release Flash laptops later this year. A technology that should bring hard disk drives down and computer speed way up. LG are also expected to hit the market with such a laptop in a few weeks. If this news is true, it’s sure worth to put [...]

Tip For Windows Users: Check The Optional Updates

A while back, I posted the Bye Bye Windows article, which got the most views and unique comments so far. The problem I had was that suddenly, my computer went on restarting every few minutes. I had no time to update, backup or do anything. Even Check Volume for errors could not finish successfully for [...]

Dell Laptop Burns Down A House?

A guy named Dan writes about his house being burned down, and how the most probable reason for the fire could be the laptop, according to fire Marshall investigator. The guy did have a Dell Inspiron Laptop, unfortunate for both him and Dell. Having tried to contact Dell for informing them (He is too kind [...]