Google Chrome Super Fast

Google Chrome is taking up the challenge against fired potato, sound waves, and lighting in speed, showing amazingly high rendering speeds in splits of a second. And for the geeks, this is the behind the scenes video. Now imagine if I do this same test here in Kuwait. Bake a toast Vs Google Chrome. That […]

Google Chrome (MUST) RSS Subscription Extension

Know this little icon that appears on the right of the address bar? This is what tells you that there is an RSS feed to this page that you can subscribe to. And this is what you don’t get in Google Chrome browser for some reason. To get it, I have to search for RSS […]

Quake 2 on HTML5

Unbelievable huh? If you know me very well you’ll know how much I hate April Fool, and this video was released the same day. But so was Gmail! I hope Gmail isn’t a long time joke as well cause I’ve been swearing my life on it for years. So anyways, this is the official Google […]

Google Chrome’s Built In Translation

Have you seen this in your Google Chrome? It’s a new feature recently added to Chrome that keeps asking you whether you want to translate non-English pages. It will allow you to easily and quickly translate any non-English text on your page. And yes, I say keeps as I think it’s annoying to have such […]

8 More Bugs To Go for Mac Chrome

Few days ago, Mike Pinkerton, from the Chrome Project for Mac, tweeted Chrome for Mac release is really close now, with 8 more bugs to go, then signaling just mostly Flash issues remaining. I’ve personally lost patience as Firefox fails to meet my expectations, and jumped to the developer version of Chrome for Mac weeks […]

O3D Real Time Browser 3D Rendering

It’s not sci-fi, it’s not just talk. Google did release the O3D API to bring the power of 3D Accelerated graphics to the web through Javascript to all major browsers, namely Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can see below a sample real time demonstration of what […]

7 useful Google Chrome Extensions

ChromeTricks have listed 7 Google Chrome extensions that could make your Google Chrome experience better. They’re still not as complicated as Firefox, but it’s the way. Extensions range from web-to-pdf convertion, resource freeup, password recovery, and others.