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Browzar - Browse With Complete Privacy

Last year, Browzar was released and marketed as the world’s most privacy maintaining browser. The basic idea behind this light weight browser is that it does not keep track of your browsing history, stored files, cookies or anything else. What it claims is that it deletes all it’s user history once you close the browser [...]

IE6 was unsecured for 284 days in 2006

Slashdot posted a link to a washingtonpost article compiling the number of days IE6 had open exploit code with no fixes from Microsoft. The result is more than 9 months (284 days) of the year, the IE6 browser had known unpatched security flaws. There was also another 98 days without fixes to IE flaws that [...]

IE7 optimized for Google released

When Microsoft provided the IE7 browser developer APIs, they didn’t think Google would actually use it against them. Google have officially released an IE7 version optimized for Google, with Google as the default page, Google Toolbar included, and Google as the default search engine. Interested people can download it from here. While it might sound [...]