Microsoft shakes hands with Facebook - Let the battle begins…

Usually, Google are faster and smarter in closing up deals with new comers, and this is for several reasons. 1) Google are the giants of the web. 2) Microsoft have failed or on purpose buried down many companies they have acquired over the years. I am not saying Google is completely the opposite here. Some [...]

Facebook users beware

According to this article Facebook will be allowing Google, Yahoo, MSN and to start indexing the facebook registered users profile, so if you don’t like it, your privacy might be exposed to public. To disable this feature you will have to login to your facebook account an adjust the privacy settings there. I tend [...]

The WordPress plugins I use - and recommend

As I have promised one of my friends, here I list the WordPress plugins I am using and what I think of them: AdSense-Deluxe: If you are an AdSense user and frequently want to insert Google Ads within your post, WordPress editor by it self can get annoying in the way it manipulates certain scripts [...]

AboutUs - Another Wiki Wonder

The concept of Wiki, though suspicious, keeps amusing me with it’s success. When I first came to Wikipedia, and I noticed the word Edit hyperlinked, I asked my self what do they mean? I clicked as most people would, and the big question mark float over my head. I can actually edit the site that [...]

SearchMash: Google Powered New Search Engine

I did not know about this before I read about it on Google System blog. It’s a very nice decent blog, heavily focused on Google by the way. I thought you may not notice that from the blog name so I told you(!). Anyhow, the article goes through A new experimental Google powered search [...]

AJAX powered online tools for you

37signals is a privately-held company which was established back in 1999. The company adapted Ruby language, implemented their own framework for their projects, released the framework to public under the name Ruby On Rails and helped increase public awareness of the Ruby potentials. 37signals have launched three very promising online AJAX based collaboration applications, namely [...]

Ron Gilbert leading WoW Army

Ron Gilbert have started his own Monkey Island themed guild in the World of Warcraft called Threepwood (can you imagine no one used that name?) and is inviting all Monkey Island fans to join the team under one condition, you have to have a Monkey Island character name. Well, too bad I am away from [...]