Search Engines

It was Ramadan!

I was reading this ResearchBuzz article about searching for duration since Star Trek - Trouble with Tribbles episode was released, reportedly on 29th December, 1967. And not that I ever watched Star Trek or know anything about the episode, I just tried what she did and searched the date 29 December 1967 on Wolfram Alpha […]

Use Sprixi to find free images

It’s always frustrating for me when trying to find an image to use, and I have to keep searching forever to find a license-free photo. I usually go to Wikipedia and see what they have, and I know of some search engines specific for that purpose, but none seems to compare with Sprixi. What Sprixi […]

Have you tried Google Living Stories?

I heard about this last week and just tried it out. Google is working with New York Times and Washington Post on a new revolutionary way to read the news. Timeline based news called Google Living Stories. Take a look. Just amazing isn’t it? It’s a lot easier to get in late and know exactly […] - First Islamic Halal Search Engine

For the first time now, there is an Islamic search engine which aims at providing a general purpose search that is free of “haram” content, i.e. offensive contents that contradicts with Islamic laws and beliefs. The search engine is wisely called, and I bet we will see widely increased interest in such a service […]

Loving the new Google search options

If you tried to Google today (any chance you haven’t?), you would have probably noticed the new Show options link just below the searchbox, and if expanded, will give you a whole bunch of new features, some of which were previously in the labs only. Quite a lot of cool features. Ability to quickly flip […]

What’s the most searched for term on Microsoft Live?

Google No seriously… And How Many People Do it? 1% of all Search Queries are “Google”! And what’s number 2? Yahoo! Seems most people just use to find a way out. So Microsoft, please just help make the world a better place and default your browsers to Google! You can file it under […]

Google Similar Images

This is actually pretty neat feature, and works fine once you identify a specific pretty popular object like the London bridge in the video, or Cars in my case. But not for places like Kuwait Towers for example. Maybe they’re still building up their full database. It seems to be taking the clouds heavily into […]