Horrible XCite Pre-Order Experience

Last month I placed an order on June 8 with for Last Of Us Special Edition as a pre-order using Knet online payment. Game was supposed to come out Friday June 14th. Thursday they called telling me game will be late and delivered only on Sunday I think. This was a disappointment, as we […]

Amazon Kindle for $189

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Affiliating with Amazon, this site did not follow the normal path, and rather this is what BrowseGoods made. A visual presentation of the available categories, and as the site name says, you browse the category you want. Zoom in and out of it. For example, you could click on Toys, you will get the subcategories […]

Google Checkout vs PayPal

Last year, Google got into a new market which is the online payment with Google Checkout. Google is a well known famous brand that people tend to trust. But so far, Google hasn’t got into such sensitive area. End of 2006 Google ran a free checkout and $10 discounts campaigns which brought more customers to […] Search for likeness of items

To be successful in business, they say, you either do different things, or do the same things differently. is an excellent example of the latter. An image recognition powered search engine, where you specify the portion of the image you are looking for, say celebrity shoes, and then search for similar items. Your search […]

Amazon launches aStore for associates

Another new service that keeps putting Amazon upfront all other associate networks is the aStore. An easy way to create a professional online Amazon store in minutes, that you can embed as an inner FRAME inside your site, or point your customers to it and start making money. I haven’t wasted much time and have […]