Teambox Online Project Management Now Available

Teambox is a newly opened to public open source online project management tool built using Ruby on Rails. The service is available for free, and unlike others, with an unlimited number of projects for you to use and collaborate with others. Features of the tool now are limited to messaging, tasks, and pages, but it’s […]

BumpTop 3D Desktop

I received this via email today, and I promise you, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before (unless ofcourse you’ve already seen this :). Makes me wanna buy new powerful PC now! Provided by BumpTop in a FREE and a Pro version, It’s Windows only for now and I’d be really eager to pay and try […]

Experimental Flickr Color Picker

The Experimental Flickr Color Picker: Simply, pick the color you like, and get related photos from Flickr :)

Only IE misses up Q8Ba7th design

So I just posted about browsershots, so I thought of putting it to real test over my Q8Ba7th. The design was a FREE ope-source one which I modified then. I managed to get it working properly on all browsers except the mysterious IE7!. Back when Internet Explorer did not give any respect to CSS standards, […]

Google Presentation - And Google Office is Ready!

Google Documents now has Presentation as part of its online collaboration tool, and with that, Google almost have a full Office online tool. You can access it from the same New menu for Spreadsheet and Document. I have given it a quick shot. It’s got the main simple functionalities of a presentation tool. Text, image, […]

Learn Essential Eclipse Shortcut Keys

I’ve been trying to figure out the Eclipse (open source IDE)shortcut keys, mainly the switching between open files (editors) when I came across this post. I thought Eclipse users might find it useful. Though I should note, for me to switch between open editors I had to use CTRL + Shift + Tab, then left […]

Joe’s Goals - A Site To Track Your Goals

While there are thousands of To Do List tools and online services, and hundreds of line calendar applications, I have never seen such an idea put into practice. Joe’s Goals let’s you, in a very nice fast and easy way, list down your target goals and activities you are supposed to do in a week, […]