MAMP Pages Won’t Run On Snow Leopard

MAMP, the Mac Apache MySQL & PHP bundled server, was running perfectly fine after I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Yesterday when I started it for some reason it didn’t ask for the password to run, the app seems to start but none of my web apps in the htdocs folder would work, as pages won’t […]

Rails finally working with Snow Leopard

So far Snow Leopard have given me nothing but a hard time, crashes, and wasted hours that I could advise anyone not to upgrade, while I keep my ego and refuse to downgrade. After the 1 hour+ Snow Leopard upgrade, I’m getting slower login time, very frequent crashes upon uploading or downloading simplest of files […]

Ruby on Rails Vs Django Community

One of the most important factors for adapting to open source technology is the community behind it, and while PHP seems to be falling apart as I see with multiple frameworks and scattered focus, Ruby have taken off with their Ruby on Rails application, and Python followed them with the open sourcing of Django. Both […]

Learn Essential Eclipse Shortcut Keys

I’ve been trying to figure out the Eclipse (open source IDE)shortcut keys, mainly the switching between open files (editors) when I came across this post. I thought Eclipse users might find it useful. Though I should note, for me to switch between open editors I had to use CTRL + Shift + Tab, then left […]

Ruby on Rails Gets on the cPanel

One of my concerns about it was how many hosts are available. Last night I did quick search and found out Ruby on Rails now has many many hosts, and it has been integrated into the cPanel as well. You can view a full list here of Ruby on Rails hosts. And to my surprise […]

Ruby on Rails Start Mac Clone Ads

I never thought Mac Ads against Vista will get so popular and have so many clones. Ruby on Rails have started something quite similar against Java and PHP. Honestly, despite being a Java fan, the commercial is quite true. I’ve learned Java is good for enterprise heavy applications, but for light or middle weight applications […]

Twitter suffering from Ruby on Rails Performance

This is a nice interview with one of the developers of Twitter, talking about the issues they face with Ruby on Rails when it reaches peak usage. Apparently the site is getting around 11,000 hits a second on peak times, and since Rails cannot talk to more than one database at a time, this is […]