MAMP Pages Won’t Run On Snow Leopard

MAMP, the Mac Apache MySQL & PHP bundled server, was running perfectly fine after I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Yesterday when I started it for some reason it didn’t ask for the password to run, the app seems to start but none of my web apps in the htdocs folder would work, as pages won’t […]

Ruby on Rails Start Mac Clone Ads

I never thought Mac Ads against Vista will get so popular and have so many clones. Ruby on Rails have started something quite similar against Java and PHP. Honestly, despite being a Java fan, the commercial is quite true. I’ve learned Java is good for enterprise heavy applications, but for light or middle weight applications […]

Dark Day for PHP

Open Source PHP security specialist and member of the PHP Security Response Team, Stefan Esser have had enough, and resigned! The security expert says in his blog “The reasons for this are many, but the most important one is that I have realised that any attempt to improve the security of PHP from the inside […]