Beware of using your credit card with

  Last week I made a booking online through for a relative using my credit card, which has been safe and secure till then. Next morning I got a call from my bank NBK telling me there has been a declined attempt using my card at Dubai eGovernment website. Ofcourse I hadn’t. And thanks […]

Interview with Charlie Miller, the guru of Pwn2Own Hacking Contest

Read this interview with Charlie Miller, the guy who took down a fully patched MacBook Air last year in 2 minutes!, and the one who hacked the Safari/Macbook this year in seconds, blaming the app, not the OS! The same guy however, in another article by ZDNet, is quoted for saying Macs are likely less secured […]

Google Chrome - Last Browser Standing

One day into the Pwn2Own hacking competition, and all 3 major browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari) have fallen down, leaving Google Chrome, with predicted 2% market share), standing on its own. Interesting notes are that Opera was not part of the competition, and the first one falling was, you bet, Safari! Later, the winning hacker […]

Google doing Safe Site Scan with AVG

Just like Yahoo started sometime back, Google is in co-operation with AVG scanning their search results for malware sites. And while this is good in concept, I found the scan to take way too long, that I don’t think people will generally wait to see the result. An option to turn that off was not […]

PayPal Issues Safari Users Warning - Use Different Browser

Away from politics and all, and due to it’s lack of anti-phishing technology, PayPal has issued a security warning to all Safari users out there from the high possibility of web forgery for Safari users, which accounts for %4.5 of browser market share. Web Forgery, for those you may not know, is having some sites […]

e-Government in Kuwait

Kuwait has been promoting the e-Government at least since I was in college. How every thing is going to be electronic, and how the services will be all available online. In the past few years, several advancements have been made. In the MOI, you can view your speeding tickets and pay them online, see passport […]

Facts About Widows Vista Security

Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin made an irrational statement back in Nov 2006 that Windows Vista is so secured it does not need Antivirus, saying his 7 years old kid is using Vista without Antivirus. Ofcourse this was back in November before public had theirs hands on it to start discovering holes. Alex Ionescu posted a […]