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My friend just updated me on this about the Kuwait Takes on VoIP. The Kuwait Ministry of Communication is arranging with all the ISPs in Kuwait to come up with lower rates international calls and VoIP using mobile phones. So the M.O.C. wants to utilize the new technology for it’s own advantage, and double charge the user to drive in more money!

An english translation of the article is here.

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LG have announced their new KE850 touch screen only mobile phone, very similar in look to the iPhone. Is this by chance? Is it a tradition that people copy Apple interface? Or is it the other way around this time? No reports seem to have been made so far. What is interesting however is that the new LG phone might beat the iPhone to the market. Whether that is good to LG, or bad to them since Apple fans will keep waiting, we will know the answer soon.

oneCompare has more on the news with a photo of the new phone.

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Apple’s Steve Jobs just introduced the long awaited and rumored iPhone to the fans.
Fans are happy and crazy about it
Apple stocks raises up
Cisco files a lawsuit against Apple for using their iPhone trademark which they got by acquiring infogear back in 2000.

Funny thing is that Cisco surely knew all the time that if Apple comes with it’s phone, it sure is going to call it iPhone.

Also to come, is the Apple TV in February. Next few months are going to be really interesting for Apple fans.

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One of the trivial ways people usually lose their mobile handset is when it falls into water, or sometimes when babies chew it and their spit cause its circuits to disfunction. The latter happened with my Nokia 6600 phone 3 weeks back when I suddenly found out only the zero button does not work! This means I cannot call numbers with ZERO, or send an SMS of more than 1 word (zero is the space button). Ofcourse it was later I used the new line break to write SMS.

I was still holding to a hope however that within few hours the phone would dry and get back to normal. I opened the phone and started drying it from inside. I was shocked by how wet it was! All my attempts however did no good. Not even after a day or two, nor a week or two. I just went lazy on replacing the phone, which is a must now until this morning. I was half a sleep when I heard the phone battery going dead. Later on I recharged and started it, and voila! The magic happened and the zero button is working better than ever.

I don’t want to curse it or suggest this would always be the case, but the point is, with little care and try, you can save your self the cost of new phone.

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