What’s the most searched for term on Microsoft Live?

Google No seriously… And How Many People Do it? 1% of all Search Queries are “Google”! And what’s number 2? Yahoo! Seems most people just use to find a way out. So Microsoft, please just help make the world a better place and default your browsers to Google! You can file it under […]

Yahoo! still single and looking!

Several months after initial agreement and testing, Google all of a sudden decided it’s too much of a hassle to fight for the Yahoo-Google advertisement deal, and simply decided to walkaway. This coming after Google was directly trying to talk Yahoo! out of Microsoft acquisition at $33 a share seems like a fiance walking away […]

Google Ads on Yahoo Search Pages Almost A Reality

I left the soccer pitch yesterday 11 PM to see an SMS forward from a friend about TechCrunch Twitter alert, Yahoo-Google announcement 1:30 PM today. This is gotta be about the advertising partnership. And indeed, I woke up today to read about the Google & Yahoo public joint announcement declaring they are going into an […]

Google doing Safe Site Scan with AVG

Just like Yahoo started sometime back, Google is in co-operation with AVG scanning their search results for malware sites. And while this is good in concept, I found the scan to take way too long, that I don’t think people will generally wait to see the result. An option to turn that off was not […]

Soon your Google Ads may showup on Yahoo!

Google and Yahoo! have been undergoing a testing period for the efficiency of delivering Google Ads alongside Yahoo search results. This is to measure how the ad click-throughs are compared to Yahoo’s own ads. Yahoo themselves estimate that Google Ads bring 60-70% more revenue than Yahoo. This is because of ad relevancy for one, and […]

It’s a big day in the history of the web

This tale of this day could really be told for decades to come. It could be a day that will change the web dramatically, with Yahoo Board of Directors setting today on one table to discuss and decide on the Microsoft $44.6 billion bid to acquire Yahoo. Such an acquisition I believe has never happened […]

If you can’t beat them, buy them

This is literally what Microsoft did after more than a decade of failure to catch up with the quickly evolving web world. They are making the biggest bid in the technical world ever to acquire Google’s rival, Yahoo!. Shall such a deal go on, Microsoft would finally be #1 in the WWW customer base, and […]