Google Adsense just hit a new low

I was browsing my site Tathkarti today when I was horrified by this ugly floating giant ad.   What’s this? Where did my site go? Oh it’s there in the back. But where did this ad come from? Have my site been compromised? Or is it my browser? I closed the ad, and saw it […]

Finally, a possible good YouTube revenue model

When Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion just 3 years ago, many argued about the value of this purchase, with YouTube’s high running costs and the lack of any revenue model. And it did fail to stop losses for the past 3 years as well, and all Google got from it was new lawsuits, now […]

Google Embeds Ads in Image Search

Today I noticed that Google have started introducing Sponsored Ads on top of their image results page. Right now if I try several searches again however, for some reason it doesn’t show up. Was it just a small testing period? Maybe. The ads anyways don’t ruin the page look and usability to an annoying level. […]

Google new type of ads?

I’m not sure if this is new to me or new to Google them selves, but those new Google AdSense Image ads really look more attractive than before.     Anybody know about this?   UPDATE: It turns out this is a new type of ad being tested by Google, where you select a template […]

Bill Gates, I feel sorry for you… I really do

 When Bill Gates annouced his retirement from day-to-day work from Microsoft, I really felt the smartness he has. Going away from the company while still in shape, being able to monitor and direct from far is a pretty smart thing to do. Compare that to Apple, which is just another name for Steve Jobs and […]