Google Adsense just hit a new low

I was browsing my site Tathkarti today when I was horrified by this ugly floating giant ad.   What’s this? Where did my site go? Oh it’s there in the back. But where did this ad come from? Have my site been compromised? Or is it my browser? I closed the ad, and saw it […]

How far have Google gone from what they used to be with Ads

When Google started back in 1998, they surprised people by their simplistic design. Their page was clean and fast. They didn’t even have a footer, that people thought page is still loading! Their paid ads were all plain text, clearly visible and distinguishable. They were ahead of everybody else settings standards about user experience, and […]

Google new type of ads?

I’m not sure if this is new to me or new to Google them selves, but those new Google AdSense Image ads really look more attractive than before.     Anybody know about this?   UPDATE: It turns out this is a new type of ad being tested by Google, where you select a template […]