Thank you Audible for Return Item Feature

There are already so many reasons to like Audible, the most popular audiobook shopping site out there. Beside the large collection, their easy to use monthly subscription service, and ability to keep your purchases and redownload them forever, today I was amazed to find another feature just by mere luck. As I haven’t been driving […]

Audible Wants You To Share

Oh really? Silly me I was hoping for a way to share my audiobooks with friends. But no, it’s absolutely illegal. It seems however I’m welcome to make free promotions on Audible’s behalf about the books I’m buying. Here is a word to consider Audible “Incentive”. Suggestions: Reward Referrals: Yes I know you have affiliate […]

Audiobooks Vs Traditional Books

Few years back I came late across the concept of podcasting, and it was what it was to me of time utilizer and mind opener. I gradually started to develop a habit of boredom then, and decided to try what everyone seems to be talking about in those podcasts, and to see the specific book […]