Kindle battery problem caught in action

Remember that Kindle battery problem I mentioned earlier? It’s been paparazzied. Clearly, the Kindle still has about 25% of it’s battery, and it’s complaining about low battery, after which it went almost empty immediately.

Kindle Battery Problems?

You know how sometimes you have trouble sleeping? Then you decide it’s dawn already, so you might as well get up and do something useful? You feel like doing early morning reading when house is so quite. You are well into the book, about to wrap it up, and your emotions are starting to flow […]

Disappointing Energizer Rechargable Batteries

I hesitated a lot before giving those rechargable batteries a shot, as I see it less convenient, and seem still expensive to rely on. I did some math and said, if they work as they’re supposed to, 4 or 6 batteries would do good for wireless keyboard, mouse, and the Wii controller as well, and […]