ZoneAlarm Blocking TinyURL

  I have been dazzled for so long about why TinyURLs never seem to work for me while everyone else is happy with it. Bad luck I thought or a common problem people are living with. But today after I received some Twitter feedback and tried it again I noticed, it was ZoneAlarm blocking it […]

We are one shaky country

Kuwait is an oil filthy rich country, and that’s pretty much all about it. Every week I read about a 5 year plan to change the face of the country, and make Kuwait a worldwide business centre. We read about big millions and billions being assigned for such projects, those projects we never hear or […]

Kuwait Blocking YouTube

  Unfortunately, this letter is not dated, but it was published today and confirmed by ISPs. Brief Translation to English: ” Subject: Blocking an offensive website to Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Reference to the above mentioned subject, and in tribute to the book of God and the holy profit, and in compliance to law […]

YouTube is sorry “this video is no longer available.”

YouTube for most parts of the world is the magical mirror on the web. You tell it what you want, and it will show it. I stopped downloading clips to my computer but in rare cases, cause they are all on the net ready for quick streaming anytime/anywhere. Recently however, this message started showing gradually […]

Why the MOC blocked Skype?

  I only heard yesterday that MOC has blocked Skype. I thought of searching for rational reasons behind blocking a voice service rather than throw all my week’s burden on MOC blindly. So here goes. Why did the MOC block Skype? 1. Because it became a dating service? But there are many ways for opposite […]