My 2nd Gadget, My Kindle!

This is the second part of my shipment I had to fight for last Sunday besides the iPhone 3G S, so you can tell it was a rather big day, and it will be some time before I get any new gadgets. The Amazon Kindle 6”, quite a fascinating eBook reading device that made me […]

Amazon Kindle gets a price cut, now $299

Amazon have just dropped their Kindle 6″ reading device by $60 to $299 (Approx 86 KD). I’m really starting to consider this thing primarily to cut down on the shipping cost of Aramex, which is becoming ridiculously high, I can’t get a single small book for less than $17 (5 KD), which is the approximate […]

Google Settling Over Google Books Disputes

I’m really thrilled to have such an amount of information available for search, read, and download. And for copyrighted materials, it’s very nice to have the ability to still search inside it. How Google does it is quite amazing, and even better than Amazon which provides poor misaligned copies of the book they’re trying to […]