Kuwait Cinescape Patenting New Technology?

Kuwait Cinema Company, Cinescape (a.k.a KNCC), seems to be filing a patent for a new technology, that will revolutionize the world of censorship as we know it. Cinescape says the new technology cuts down the editing time of the movie, and allows for dynamic re-censoring on the fly without having to go back to the […]

Further to the YouTube Blocking Story

Following up on the massive protest yesterday against what seems to be an individual irrational decision, coming from an immature person at the Ministry of Communications, Al-Jarida is providing us more details on the story. My doubts about the letter yesterday turned out to be true. The letter, which seemed very unprofessional sent by a […]

Kuwait Blocking YouTube

  Unfortunately, this letter is not dated, but it was published today and confirmed by ISPs. Brief Translation to English: ” Subject: Blocking an offensive website to Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Reference to the above mentioned subject, and in tribute to the book of God and the holy profit, and in compliance to law […]