Kuwait Cinescape Patenting New Technology?

Kuwait Cinema Company, Cinescape (a.k.a KNCC), seems to be filing a patent for a new technology, that will revolutionize the world of censorship as we know it. Cinescape says the new technology cuts down the editing time of the movie, and allows for dynamic re-censoring on the fly without having to go back to the […]

Movies in 3D, finally of high quality

After the positive feedback I got about it from a friend, I decided to give Cloudy With A Chance Of A Meatballs a try (what a silly name huh? They couldn’t just call it “Meatball Clouds”). My first impressions from the trailer wasn’t up high, but I thought it could be worth a few laughs […]

Do you feel relaxed at Kuwait Cinema?

It really felt silly when I saw this picture on Kuwait cinema Cinescape website. Cinescape is using a study made by FAME (Film Audience Measurement and Evaluation), based in UK, which claims 96% of the movie-goers are not distracted, and happy with the movie visit. I tried to reach this study but this is the […]

Give Kuwait Movies “One More Chance”

I have sworn before times and times not to go to any Arabic or Indian movie. It’s just not my taste. Couple of weeks back however, I got an email from a friend with a link for an upcoming Kuwaiti movie in cinema called “One More Chance”, aka OMC. When I asked, he told me […]

Cinescape and their outdated movies

It’s sometimes nice to see how Cinescape brings movie on their worldwide release date, and with our early weekends, we actually get to see movies such as Star Wars before so many other countries. But that’s for certain top movies. Others however have to wait long enough, perhaps to get a discount on the price […]