Khalid Al-Zanki Confirms copy/pasting his content

Few days ago I posted on Posterous about the fraud Khalid Al-Zanki is involved with, which ended up with the help of friends and the social web being circulated around the web massively. Today Khalid has posted a blog post which vaguely replies to ours, and is ironically mostly a copy paste from Wikipedia, but […]

Audible Wants You To Share

Oh really? Silly me I was hoping for a way to share my audiobooks with friends. But no, it’s absolutely illegal. It seems however I’m welcome to make free promotions on Audible’s behalf about the books I’m buying. Here is a word to consider Audible “Incentive”. Suggestions: Reward Referrals: Yes I know you have affiliate […]

Google Settling Over Google Books Disputes

I’m really thrilled to have such an amount of information available for search, read, and download. And for copyrighted materials, it’s very nice to have the ability to still search inside it. How Google does it is quite amazing, and even better than Amazon which provides poor misaligned copies of the book they’re trying to […]