Harry Potter 1-5 DVD or Blu-ray One Day Deal

Either on DVD or Blu-ray for $56.99! Frankly the DVD collection looks much more fancier though.

Amazon Kindle gets a price cut, now $299

Amazon have just dropped their Kindle 6″ reading device by $60 to $299 (Approx 86 KD). I’m really starting to consider this thing primarily to cut down on the shipping cost of Aramex, which is becoming ridiculously high, I can’t get a single small book for less than $17 (5 KD), which is the approximate […]

Amazon Blu-ray Discs Sale

Until March 22nd only. Blu-Ray discs for as low as $13.99. Got me: March of the Penguins The Aviator When We Left Earth - The NASA Mission Eagle Eye