Mouse wheel scroll background inactive windows with WizMouse

If you’ve ever used Mac or Linux, and if you’re a heavy user with dozens of open windows, you most likely have come to admire the simple cool feature that allows you to use your mouse scroll wheel to scroll the open windows in the back, without clicking and bringing them to the front. This […]

Opera Mini for Andriod Finalized

G1 holders, Opera have finalized the Opera Mini browser version for the Android, bringing some cool new features, like the ability to access SD cards for page upload, download, and saving. There is also the double-tab for zoom in feature, and the video playback handover to the OS.    The thing that sets Opera Mini […]

FREE Mac Softwares unde the Mac Giving Tree

Under the Mac Giving Tree you will see a collection of FREE Mac softwares that are otherwise commercial perhaps Courtesy of MacHeist

Create and Edit with PDF-XChange Viewer

My favorite program for reading PDF documents has been Foxit Reader for sometime. My inlaw however showed me this PDF-XChange Viewer which has different levels of licenses, you can get the basic version for FREE. What’s great about this software, besides being light and fast to load, is the ability it gives you for editing your […]

Wataniya Migrating to Eight Digits Today

I’m not sure if they had newspaper ads or anything else, but this is a short notice. Wataniya sent mass SMS to it’s customers last night informing us they are moving to the eight digits plan today (Friday), and we have to add 6 to all the Wataniya numbers. If you saw already, there is […]