Wataniya eight digit bug not fun anymore

The bug of the eight digits with Wataniya came back yesterday, but this time it has evolved into something worse. Not only I couldn’t make a call at the intersection, but I kept calling while going forward to Fahaheel and I got like 5 consecutive “We cannot redirect your call, please add #2 infront of […]

Eighth Digit Revisited

So I didn’t wait for next week to re-do the test of the Eightg Digit Curse. Nothing better to do in weekend right! :). The result however was contrary to last time. I called 3 consecutive times, twice at stationary (remember physics?), and then once while driving. What was different? Could it be under heavy […]

The Curse of the Eighth Digit

You would think after all this time the chaos of the eighth digit is gone, at least from the telecom companies side. Perhaps some people still got unchanged numbers, but that’s normal. Yesterday however while I was going to order my regular thursday night Batriq meal, I called “1888000” Wataniya line only to get a […]