Wataniya says “Your email or no Wnet service!”

I’ve been living a couple of dark days after my upgrade of Qualitynet connection caused down time by MOC to switch me to their new port, taking more than two days and spanning the weekend. So I thought it would be a good time to get the Wifi router I wanted from one of the […]

Use Gmail Filters to auto-arrange your email tasks

So often do I come across an interesting article or video while browsing the web, especially using my mobile. I want to read the article, or I have something to do with that article, but I just don’t have the time (or iphone is too slow to keep up with the new OS 4) that […]

Gmail Authentication Icon for Verified Senders

While this may seem a bit obvious for a moment, anyone who have dealt with PayPal or eBay might have noticed the great amount of scam emails that is sent. Such emails try to fake the identity of the sender, pretending to be PayPal for example. And while a spam filter as good as Gmail […]

Gmail Finally Introduces (REAL) Folders

Since it’s early launch, Gmail users have been screaming for some Folder organization feature just like Yahoo! has. Gmail introduced later on Labels, which is a way to label your emails and you can use filters to automate this labeling based on email content. But that was still different from what people needed. Email would […]