Google Chrome (MUST) RSS Subscription Extension

Know this little icon that appears on the right of the address bar? This is what tells you that there is an RSS feed to this page that you can subscribe to. And this is what you don’t get in Google Chrome browser for some reason. To get it, I have to search for RSS […]

Google Chrome’s Built In Translation

Have you seen this in your Google Chrome? It’s a new feature recently added to Chrome that keeps asking you whether you want to translate non-English pages. It will allow you to easily and quickly translate any non-English text on your page. And yes, I say keeps as I think it’s annoying to have such […]

7 useful Google Chrome Extensions

ChromeTricks have listed 7 Google Chrome extensions that could make your Google Chrome experience better. They’re still not as complicated as Firefox, but it’s the way. Extensions range from web-to-pdf convertion, resource freeup, password recovery, and others.

How to hide most visited sites from Chrome New Tab

For those of you enjoying all the Chrome super speeds (and all Windows problems), if you need to disable the display of most visited sites in a new tab, although I personally love it, here is how to do it.

Firefox-like Extensions for Chrome in May?

 It would seem that the missing most critical element of Google Chrome is about to be fulfilled with what seems to be more than just plain rumors about possible Firefox-like extension support for Chrome this May. The conclusion was made by an alerted blogger who witnessed the already made announcement of future undated Chrome extension […]