Do you want Facebook in हिन्दी?

As someone who knows more about me now probably than my mother, I have to ask “Why do you think I’d wanna use that हिन्दी?” I mean, what is it anyways? Or is it just showing off that your users translated it for you?

Facebook new simpler privacy policy?

Really? And part of the simplification is trying to make my info public to everyone? Shouldn’t the logic be to set it to my old settings, with the option to make it to Everyone?

Audible Wants You To Share

Oh really? Silly me I was hoping for a way to share my audiobooks with friends. But no, it’s absolutely illegal. It seems however I’m welcome to make free promotions on Audible’s behalf about the books I’m buying. Here is a word to consider Audible “Incentive”. Suggestions: Reward Referrals: Yes I know you have affiliate […]

Get your Facebook page username

People on Facebook, if you want a fancy URL for your profile page, or if more importantly you have pages and need a better looking URL than long one with numbers, visit, verify your self with mobile number sent short code, and register your brand page name. Mobile verification works even in Kuwait, and […]

60 Minutes - Facebook